Friday, January 28, 2011

Flash Gordon Friday! Novel Covers

Here's a few covers from some of the long line of narrative Flash Gordon books that weren't comic strip focused. There were at least three periods in which novels were released. These are from the last series published by Tempo Books and written by David Hagberg.
I've not read these, but fellow space ranger Chris Mills posted over at Space1970 about picking a few and briefly mentioned that they follow more in line with the 1950s TV Flash, than Alex Raymond's interpretation.

I prefer my Flash caped with sword AND pistol, but these are pretty cool too!


  1. Great movement in every one, even the first with the press and the far stare. The first has the gravity, faintly cheesy now or not.

  2. Love the Vallejos! I'd never seen them before.

  3. They were fun books. I'm sorry I don't have them anymore.