Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January is Flash Gordon Month on Exonauts!

Image: Wikipedia
According to Wikipedia, January 8th is the 77th anniversary of the first appearance of Alex Raymond's much-beloved, space swashbuckler, Flash Gordon. Flash has long been a favorite of mine (as you might imagine) and with the loss of erstwhile Flash artist Al Williamson last year, I'd wanted to do a series of posts the character. Henceforth, I declare January 2011 to be Flash Gordon Month! At least once a week I will feature an FG post, some art, and maybe a surprise or two.

Stay tuned space cadets!


  1. Alright! I'm looking forward to this.

  2. What do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching? Open fire. All weapons.

  3. Sounds great. Fire up the rocket-subs!