Friday, January 21, 2011

Flash Gordon Friday!

Man, the month is nearly over and I've not been living up to my promises for Flash Gordon Month! That ends right now. Here are some choice images from Raymond's original strip. Click any to embiggen.

Here's Flash and co. strolling carefree through the dense forests on Arboria...
Looks like Ronal rolled a 1 on initiative.....
Sufficed to say, it doesn't end well for purple tree lizard. I'd show you how the creature was felled, but the next panel just shows one of Barin's merry men with a bow and arrow. Apparently seeing imaginary purple lizards getting skewered was too much for young eyes of the Golden Age. Sad!

I just love these panels illustrating starship construction on Planet Mongo...
I'm going to have to write some optional rules that uses GIANT CRANES to load spacecraft into GIANT TUBES for launch. Seriously, that's full of awesome.

Finally, everyone needs to give it up for Ming the Merciless, the O.D.M. (Original Dungeon Master)!
Ladies love a man who can pull off a gold-lapel bathrobe. Silk even!

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