Friday, January 7, 2011

Exonauts Joins the X-plorers!

IT'S HAPPENING! If you haven't heard by now, X-plorers 2.0 is in the works and yours truly has signed on to help Star Admiral Adams at Brave Halfling Publishing get it to the launch pad. I'm currently cleaning up the players guide and readying it for layout.
I'm absolutely STOKED about working on the new edition, which will include a saddle-stitched manual, featuring some brand new, fantastic artwork from Peter Mullen. The book will provide Dave Bezio's original rules as a base "kit" for users to really make it their own.

Following that, Brave Halfling has several other goodies in the pipeline:
  • "Wreack Tech", an original adventure module by Bill De Franza (who is also lending a hand with the editing for the manual)
  • Upcoming supplements and settings material
  • "Galactic Troubleshooters", a sci-fi RPG fanzine, that will accept submitted material (kinda' like Fight On!)
For my part, I'm also helping with the Referee Section of the book and I'm working on my own "flavors" of the game. I've already begun one, with much more material on the way. For those of you who already own the first edition, help yourselves to the downloads at right: the compiled Random Space Finds posts and the sci-fi skill conversion PDFs.

I have to say that in getting to know John--he's an all-around, stellar guy and it's great to work with someone with so much enthusiasm. The game itself has a ton of potential and we're just hoping to do it justice and give gamers the ability to dive in and warpspeed into adventure!

The countdown has begun!


  1. Congrats my friend!

    I'm actually much more jazzed about this item now that I know you had a hand in it. Very cool.

  2. Great News, with you involved I'm definately interested!

  3. Good job
    now you are playing ball in the big leagues ; - )

  4. I've been waiting for this for a long time and I see that the production quality of this thing will be top notch. This will fit right in on my bookshelf alongside S&W:Core and LL. I will definitely get this.

  5. That looks fantastic! Its always nice to see the use of color on a black medium, as it make the work feels more evoking. I did a picture like this for a Gamma World inspired piece. Such works are so still, yet so full of life!

  6. Now that is AWESOME. I can't wait to play this.

  7. Hopefully there will be little different from the first version. I just can't rationalize buying the same game I won't get to play twice. Even if its a really good one.

  8. @Rufus, yes, we're working on some new tools for referees and of course there will be new artwork!