Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NASA Mission Logs Get a Facelift!

Here's a neat find while patrolling the spaceways this past week. If you're a NASA fan, space-head, or hell--just love history, you definitely need to check out spacelog.org for their re-formatting of original NASA space mission logs.

The logs are presented in a highly readable format mocked up to look almost like Facebook or Twitter tweets! The mission logs also include maps with checkpoints so you can see where in their journey the astronauts and mission control made their transmissions. Here's a screen grab of the infamous moment on Apollo 13:

Click to embiggen

Funny how movies can give you a slightly "off" impression of an event. Check out Jim Lovell's famous line--a minor tweak by the filmmakers, but still kinda interesting.

If you're working on a space adventure and need a reference for official space lingo, this glossary should be a big help!

1 comment:

  1. Good find, especially the glossary.

    The tweak makes the problem seem more pressing, but it's unnecessary in my view. The drama was no less in reality for the different tense, more's the pity.