Thursday, June 26, 2014

OGRE pocket edition for $3!

Stopped into my local FLGS, The Source, and found a pile of these pocked editions of OGRE for the low, LOW price of $2.95! How could I resist?

In the little x baggie, you get a 4" x 7" rules booklet, a 8" x 13" map, and 140 counters. Everything you need to play a futuristic tank battle! 

What a nice surprise to find this new release by Steve Jackson Games--and sold for the same price as when it was first released in 1977.

Pick one up at your local game store  or order one from SJG!

Monday, June 23, 2014

VIDEO: Star Wars made cool by Guardians of the Galaxy styling!

This makes me want to watch the trilogy all over again. I feel like there's also a resurgence in recognizing just how cool Luke Skywalker is. Sure, you probably told all your friends that you like Han Solo more. But when we were all kids, Luke had the lightsaber and the saga was his story!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

VIDEO: New Guardians of the Galaxy UK trailer

Loads of new footage and dialogue in the new UK trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy this morning, in which:
  • We learn more about Starlord's origin!
  • Rocket Raccoon and Starlord are quick with the snappy banter!
  • Gamora gives Starlord's mix tape a try!
  • Groot disputes Rocket's sincerity!
  • Drax the Destroyer takes on everybody!
Have a look!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VIDEO: Fan-made anime is the Star Wars + Robotech lovechild you always wanted!

THIS needs to be a real thing! At the moment, it looks to be a piece of an unfinished whole--one that I hope is eventually completed by the extremely talented Otaking77077. The fast-action dogfights between Imperial TIEs and Rebel X-wings are made even more exciting by an imposing, original soundtrack.

I've always loved the way traditionally drawn Japanese animation realized laser blasts, smoke plumes, and tracer fire effects. Here is the perfect marriage of that imitable style, combined with what appears to be some cell-shaded 3D models (computer graphics). That's my guess anyway. I've asked the creator to clarify how it was made. If it's not a blend of both--and truly all hand drawn--then it truly is a remarkable feat. Either way, it's pretty flippin' amazing!

Hat tip to Phil over at Battlegrip for this one!