Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Fun with the Junkulator!

Oh man, this thing is awesome! You'd think that a guy like me who loves random tables of junk would have heard about the JUNKULATOR from IT'S FULL OF WIN!

It's been around a while, so I apologize for my geekgasmic gasps of joy if you're already familiar. If not--basically, it's a web script generator that will spit out random junk finds for a post-apocalyptic/Gamma World setting. You can set it for 1d4+1 pieces or just a single piece of junk. There's also options for item condition and PICTURES!!

Here's a few snapshots of stuff I "found". Click to embiggen:

Aw, man, the things you can do with an intact rototiller and a stained whirlpool!!

It's a riot, give the Junkulatator a whirl!