Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Space Finds #29

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10)
  1. Discarded arthropoid carapace, 250x100 meters 
  2. Starfighter nosecone sensor module with scans of this sector, heavy carbon scoring
  3. 500 song juke box, neon lights, retro styling, stuck on Earth, Wind, and Fire track
  4. Fire extinguisher, half spent
  5. Wall-mountable recharge unit for beam and ray weapons, time to full power charge: 2 rounds - pistols; 3 rounds - melee weapons; 4 rounds - rifles; 5 rounds - shoulder-mounted weaponry
  6. Can of SPAM® from 2065 A.D., likely has psychedelic properties if ingested
  7. Hoverbike: steering, cowling and body panels missing; engine and electrics in fair shape
  8. A near-solid ring of dumpsters filled with refuse, orbiting approximately 1 AU from star
  9. Bulldozer, front loader covered in thousands of tiny bite marks
  10. 30 or so assorted carbon-fiber reinforced arrows


  1. is there NO end to your creativity ?

  2. These are great resources - are they going to find their way into your X-P setting as helpful tables, and is that just a personal project or is it something you're going to be releasing in some fashion?

  3. We're leading up to something...but I don't want to give it away just yet.