Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An apology post where I bribe readers with news and interwebs finds

Greetings Exonauts!

Your captain is still alive, if only somehow stranded on a savage planet, battling, well...the random, tragic banality of life. Most recently, my mother was quite ill and hospitalized. Fortunately, she's out of the woods now and I've diverted all power back to main thrusters.

As a result of blasting out of the time-sucking vortex that included the previously mentioned, plus a convoy of visiting friends and relatives, and still adjusting to my new role at work--the blogs have gone hungry. Never fear, they will rebound soon.

Please accept the following offerings as I adjust trajectory back to this sector....

Exhibit A: Monster Island News has begun a lovely feature entitled 100 Greatest Monsters from Movies and Television. The first 10 are highlighted and include the 50 foot woman, Reptilicus, various kaiju, and my personal favorites from Night of the Lepus:'s like a wacky Monsters Manual waiting for stats (have at it!).

Exhibit B:
...a wonderful space battle by Don Newton for a 70s sci-fi comic, found over a Fantasy Ink, a blog you should all be following.

Exhibit C: Rad, new sci-fi webzine FLURB, filled with fiction by well-knowns and not-so's, as well as art.

Exhibit D:  Trey's most excellent post over at From the Sorcerer's Skull on Dan Brereton, reminded me of one of my fav ever pieces of weird sci-fantasy art (yes, it's watermarked, it's from Mr. B's Deviant Art page):
  ...which reminds me I need to pick up some of the Nocturnals TPBs.

More soon!


  1. Main a Brereton Herculoids, and a Night of the Lepus pic? This is the best post of the week! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. Glad she's going OK.

    Let's just hope those Lepus don't mutate into Gamma World's Hoopers.