Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interstellar Inspiration: In a Far Out Galaxy!

Click to galact-a-size! (Some of them, anyway)

Dan Brererton's take on Fett via Distracted by Star Wars

Meco's most memorable hit looks more Buck Rogers than Luke Skywalker...

A new take on the Thrilla' in Manilla by OldRedJalopy.

Threepio, you sick bastard--what have you done?!

Funk-ified "Mystery of the Rebellious Robot" an oldie from '79 via Star Wars 77-80 a blog you should all be following!!

The rear "family portrait" from Marvel's Special Edition (tabloid size). For some reason their stern faces scared the crap out of me as a kid. Now I can't think of anything cooler!


  1. Cool Brereton pic, and so is the one from the Marvel Super-Special--though it looks like Leia's gone all Dark Phoenix floating up there/

  2. Yeah, I remember staring at this thing forever for some reason when I was younger. She and Kenobi in particular are what I think freaked me out. And what's up with Luke's red lightsaber? Are they trying to tell us something?!!