Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Series debuting Sunday: FAR-OUT FINDS!

With the release of the first 30 posts of Random Space Finds via PDF (see box at right), I thought it would be nice to flesh out some other items I've had on the back burner for a while.

I've been meaning to amp up the "Far Out-ness" of the blog's motto, and so I'm calling these new items "Far-Out Finds". One of the many things I learned while working on the space junk posts was that a few ideas seemed to necessitate (deserve?) some expanded description.

What are "Far-out Finds"?
The new series will focus on rare and unique artifacts that might be treasure or trap in nature (or both!). They may be found floating out in the black or hidden on some lost, lonely planet (hence the lack of "space" in the title). Whatever their nature, they're meant to provide a MacGuffin for your adventures.

I cheated a few weeks ago and gave you a sneak peak. While that post might appear more randomized, I can tell you that the items I've got in mind are more descriptive and may or may not come with stats.

I'm not great with statting, but when I do, I make them as generic as possible by using X-plorers and D&D specs when applicable. I try to keep it light so you can still imagine the hell out of it!

Fans of Random Space Finds shouldn't fret though, I'll still sprinkle in a few RSF posts. In any case, we'll get started tomorrow with the first in the series...

Expiscor Eternus!

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