Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've got ape fever!

Yes, it's true. I'm going ape. Ape for sci-fi apes that is. You know I was never into Planet of the Apes too much. I think when I watched the movies on TV as a kid I just thought they were ridiculous. I'd already been exposed to Chewbacca, and really, how can you be cooler than Chewy? (The dude flew on spaceship and had a big freakin' laser crossbow. No contest.).

Anywho, I saw these on ebay recently:
I think the double impatiens will look splendid over there.

...and had to have them. Unfortunately, I missed out and they went to someone else who has no idea how freakin' lucky he is. Because (and this is a pipe dream people, if there ever was one) I wanted to turn them into an army of these:
"Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"

That's right--MOSS APES! That dude is Moss Man from Masters of the Universe. Yeah, he's definitely not a "man". He's a plant ape. PLANT APE. Do you understand the importance of Plant Ape? It's just sitting there--ripe fodder for becoming an alien civilization. Barbarian plant apes, my friends. With laser rifles. Because everything is better with LASER RIFLES.

Better watch your ass Charlton Heston.

Bonus: consolation prize (you're welcome!)

P.S. I'm positive this is something Brutorz Bill has likely already thought of (and done better a thousand times over) but if I don't post it my gamer ADD won't let me move on. So there.


  1. Your shout out to Moss Man almost distracted me from the fact that you implied Chewbacca was cooler than the Planet of the Apes films--which would suggest there was anything cooler than apes versus atomic bomb-worshipping telepthic mutants (and a pissed of Charlton Heston vs. both), when it has been scientifically proven there is not. ;)

  2. @Trey, I stand corrected, touche!

  3. Hey Jay,
    Those apes are from the now OOP (due to legal reasons) Eureka line of Apes with Guns, I've been told the Ebay ones you picture are "ahem" not legal copies. Eureka still has some Apes; Boiler Suit Apes (they have the jump suits from the later movies and machine guns). There are even some Astronaut apes. Might be up your Exonaut alley!
    Moss Man is cool I did an Alternity alien race based on him back in the day.

  4. BB, thanks for the info--I'll look up the boiler dudes--they sound rad! (And keep my eye out for the "Apes with Guns...."

    P.S. Feel free to share a link of the MM you did for Alternity if you have a post!

  5. Always happy to help out a fellow Ape-Addict!

    It's old and dated but here is the Alternity Moss Man link: