Sunday, September 26, 2010

FAR OUT FINDS: Psi Sled (Part 2)

This is the final part in a 2-part series on the Psi-Sled

How does it work?
A single pilot controls the psi-sled through brainwaves transmitted through the plasmatic energy field inside the cockpit. The field doesn’t appear to harm the pilot—at first—but can become charged and violent if the vehicle doesn’t seem to “want” her or him to perform a certain maneuver or defensive function.

Amulet of Aminora
The craft can be piloted with ease and without side effects if the pilot is wearing the Amulet of Aminora, a medallion made of the same burnished metal as the Psi-sled. A pilot need only think a command and the vehicle will respond. The amulet is circular with a pair of wings folded down over a turquoise “eye” and is covered with intricate alien glyphs on the back.

The amulet is the key to piloting the psi-sled without harm to the driver and also grants the user all of the following additional abilities and effects while in possession of the amulet.
  • Pilot encounters no mishaps or side effects when commanding craft
  • Pilot enjoys +2 bonus on psyche (or similar) rolls while wearing amulet
  • Pilot wearing amulet while inside craft becomes coated in a thin, slippery coat of metallic residue that superconducts mental commands, coating disappears completely when not occupying craft if wearer desires (see #1 below for properties of this residue when in present)
  • When occupied with pilot wearing amulet, the shifting iridescent colors of the craft’s outer skin coalesces into “tattoos” resembling ancient symbols and glyphs. The colors deepen as if to “solidify” on the skin of the sled and provides +2 protection as armor against all attacks (physical, psionic, etc.); residue becomes silvery if worn outside of craft and wearer retains +2 protection bonus
Following abilities are granted per class-level gained, selection is at GM's discretion or 1d6:
  1. If pilot and craft are separated, the wearer may call the sled to her/his present location
  2. With effort, wearer can remotely control sled when unoccupied
  3. True sight: wearer is less susceptible to illusions with +2 bonus
  4. Booming voice: wearer’s voice is amplified as a public address system when occupying craft when she/he intends to be heard, those hearing voice roll save on morale to keep from fleeing
  5. Force field: wearer can create a personal plasmatic force field up to 5 meters in diameter, sustained for 1d6 rounds, protection provides AC 14 + any intelligence bonuses the pilot may already have
  6. Sleeping sentinel: wearer can slip into suspended animation indefinitely, during this time HP is frozen at current number, all stats drop to zero, and PC is rendered both unplayable and uncommunicative (this includes astrally) until revived. Sleep protects wearer from harm and also from having amulet removed. Back compartment of the sled acts as a sarcophagus for sleeper. Can only be awoken with the blessing of a deity of Benu which must be gained by the pilot’s companions (assuming she/he still had any) or an outside benefactor
GM Notes:
This is a powerful item, but I’m hoping it will be fun for PCs to play with/incur wanton destruction.

  • Only one pilot may wear the amulet at a time
  • Amulet must be given, attempts to take it by force will result in a plasmatic blast (3d6 damage and save vs. stun/paralysis)
  • Amulet must be given tribute with a burnt offering before it will accept a new host
  • After 3 days of use, it's energy level will decrease be depleted. To recharge the vehicle, it must be parked over a ley line or over a water aquifer overnight and it will absorb the necessary psionic energy to run at full power. The fact that the psi-sled runs on pure psionic energies is not well known.
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Micronauts Pharaoid
  • Star Wars speeders
  • Plasma globe
  • The Phoenix (TV series)

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