Sunday, September 19, 2010

FAR OUT FINDS: Hyper Harness

Hyper Harnesses come as a pair of "sleeves" that can be worn around the arms and torso by humanoid adventurers. The sleeves are connected through a network of optical conduits around the back and torso, which provide for instant reaction time to wearer's commands. Harnesses are powered through micron fusion cells which wear out about every 18 months, whether they are used or not. Many vests include hand and shoulder coverings, depending on their function. Straps allow the harnesses to be adjustable in size. There are many types, but the garments below represent the most coveted in the known universe.

For Sorcerous Space Wizards
  • Electro Vest – draw and/or charge particles in the atmosphere, store (capacitate) charges, and finally focus and release charges at targets
  • Gravity Girdle – “feel” gravity fields around all objects, increase or decrease fields, bend or accelerate electromagnetic energies, and crush mass through gravity implosion
  • Plasma Pauldrons – ignite particles to create plasma fields that can be shaped into force fields, fired at targets, blind enemies, and more

For Wild and Wiley Star Warriors
  • Juice Jacket – Punch with incredible power; hands, arms, shoulders completely protected from any damage or fatigue while swinging, lifting, and throwing
  • Fleet Sleeves – Max out dexterity/agility, moves so fast as to not be seen; fantastic speed ideal for filching valuables, defeating locks, keying in algorithmic passcodes, and, of course, hand-to-hand altercations
  • Cutting-edge Threads – Covered in tiny carbon-edged nano-saws, allowing wearer to literally bash through hard barriers (doors, walls, etc.) by way of flash sawing through the material at great speed and efficiency, as well as amputate attackers using defensive blocks, and easily escape bindings
While Hyper Harness technology is ancient, it is reliable. Little can be said for those who chance to try one on.

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