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Space Ranger Standard Issue: Equipment & Vehicle Requisitions (Part 3)

"Say, could you do me a solid and run back to the ship and grab the Universal Translator and bug spray?"
The Space Ranger Corps. is magnificently proud of its elite personnel who exemplify cunning, hardiness, and bravery in the face of overwhelming cosmic peril. However, there is one final attribute vital to a Ranger's success in the field: being prepared. As a member of the enforcement branch of Central Space Command (CSC) and a duly-deputized officer of interstellar justice, the responsibility for being well equipped for any and all eventualities rests solidly on your shoulders.

It's true, you will rarely have the upper hand when confronted with extraterrestrial terror, but the CSC has worked hard to properly train and outfit Rangers for nearly every eventuality. As such, you will begin your career with the following tools as standard issue to help get the job done!

The following post covers personal gear and equipment for every beginning Space Ranger as well as some upgrades. Basic spacecraft available to Rangers in the field are also covered.

NOTE: This post is part a series of Space Ranger class posts. It assumes familiarity with the X-plorers science fiction role-playing game rules, which can be found at Brave Halfling.

Standard Equipment
All Space Rangers have the following beginning equipment requisitioned to them at no cost. Additional mission module packs for planetary survival, rations, etc. will be assigned prior to mission.
  • Body suit and skull cap (temperature controlling fabric) -2 damage to heat and cold
  • Space pressurization suit (includes re-breather system, padded gloves 
  • Space helmet with retractable shielding, solar visor, and personal communications radio
  • Heavy-duty, planetary encounter footwear with retractable cleats (+1 move over ice and rock surfaces) and mag-lock for hull-side excursions
  • Wrist-mounted controller/chronometer/mission recorder module
  • Laser pistol sidearm "Atomic Auditor" class, includes holster and 4 power clips (10 blasts each)
  • Space Ranger badge (encoded with Ranger's DNA and unique CSC badge number, used universally as ID)
  • Mission harness with mini power supply
  • Jet pack (requires mission vest to power and hook up)
  • 12 inch jungle knife, calf holster

Additional Equipment and Gear Upgrades
Rangers can purchase additional items a 20% discount which will be deducted from their CSC pay. In extreme cases, the Referee/GM may deem their use mission critical at no cost.

  • Laser rifle (with or without bayonet) comes with shoulder brace, carrying strap, and scope with +1 accuracy bonus; a sniper tripod also is available adding an additional +1 for accuracy
  • Plasma grenade belt (holds 6) 
  • Zookatube (shoulder mounted energy weapon)
  • Shock-lance (2 meter, electrified lance that delivers up to ten 100k volt shocks for stunning or shoots five 50k volt blasts up to 20 meters)
  • Single clip wrist blaster (laser blasts; up to 30 per clip; or 4 mini rockets per clip)
  • Liquid nitrogen spray canister (10 meter range, stream or cone nozzle)
  • Don't forget additional ammunition for any of the above
Rangers specializing in any of the above weapons receive an additional 10% discount on their weapon of choice. (Base costs determined by Referee/GM. Some items may already be covered in X-plorers rules in case you need a place to start.)

Jetpacks can be used for in-atmosphere or orbital excursions.  Don't be like these jokers--wear a helmet for Buck's sake!
Additional Gear and Upgrades
  • Utility belt with 6 power clips for pistol ammo 
  • Vibro spurs for beast riding (extra 10% discount Rangers with Beast Riding skill)
  • Wrist con upgrades including remote pilot controls; grapnel/climbing attachments; sensors pack for geologic, particle, and climate readings; and aforementioned wrist blaster)
  • Helmet upgrades, macro binocular sensor, microscope setting, parabolic reconnaissance scope, armor class upgrade (see space suit upgrades)
  • Armor upgrades to space suit
  • Holographic camouflage suit upgrade
  • Grapple/zip line gun (gas-powered; 100 meter line)
  • Personal force field screen 1d6 protection vs. melee, 3 vs. projectile, 2 vs. beam
  • Sensor array pack (small rotating antennae or dish affixes to shoulder or helmet and extends sensor range by up to 3d10 x 10 meters)
  • Aqua fin attachments for boots, helmet, and forearms
  • Single form, heavy armor "bullet" helmet (-2 AC protection)
NOTE: As a general rule, Space Rangers don't typically wear armored power suits (fully enclosed) except during a declared galactic conflict or war, in which case they would be outfitted as marines on behind-enemy-lines missions. 

Apollo 27 class patrol ship, built at the shipyards of Pegasus Hobbies.
Standard Spacecraft Assignment
All Space Rangers are assigned to a small patrol craft that is equipped with the following standard compliment and capabilities:
  • Pilot and co-pilot control consoles
  • Capacity for up to 2 additional humanoid-sized passengers
  • Mounted, dual lasers (forward facing)
  • Lightspeed capable hyperdrive, runs on DynaQuark
  • 2 nacelles boosters for sublight travel 
  • Medium grade shields/armor
  • Basic short range (within 1 AU) and long range (40 AU) sensors 
  • No greater than 30 meters stem to stern
  • .5 metric ton cargo capacity to include space for mission gear/supplies and arms; space cannot be converted into housing for additional upgrades; powered bay doors are included
  • Firing magnetic clamp on 100 meter winch for loading/towing
  • 2 life support hoses for EVA service, 20 meters each
Upgrades include:
  • A.I. ship control 
  • Reinforced hull plating
  • Sensor blurring hull coating (enemy sensors suffer -3)
  • Additional weapons including gun turret with gun station (note: requires crew other than pilot who cannot operate simultaneously)
  • Upgraded sensors (deep space, launch probes, etc.)
  • Tractor beam (up to 300 meter range)
  • Additional cargo pods (configuration is up to player or ref) up to 2.0 metric tons
  • Speed/propulsion upgrade for sublight and/or atmospheric travel (1 additional move per nacelle, up to 3 additional nacelles)
  • Escape capsule (serves 2)
Sadly Commander Kirk failed to realize Officer Rhett Shird's seat was on the OPPOSITE side of the escape capsule--face down in the snow.
Any additional upgrades constitute a larger ship class and should therefore be handled as a mission requisition or separate spacecraft assignment by the Referee. Crew capacity and cargo capacity are capped for these purposes. Additional mission vehicles, such as moonwagons or other planetary excursion conveyances will be assigned prior to mission assignment (by the Referee).


  • Referees should feel free to supplement equipment upgrades with recovered/reconditioned space junk and fine goods purchased through Galactic Outfitters. CSC discounts may or may not apply.
  • Referees should also feel empowered to withhold any item from a cadet deemed unprepared to handle said equipment.

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