Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TWO SNSO Games in January!

We've got a TWOFER in 2016. That's two Saturday Night Space Opera sessions--one this coming Saturday (the 2nd) and another the following weekend (the 9th).

Study up on the deets below, space cadets. Click the images to learn more and RSVP:

STAR WARS - January 2nd game at Source Comics and Games:

STRANGE STARS - January 9th game at Fantasy Flight Games Center:

Save the dates and come join us!

Monday, December 14, 2015

TRAILER: Phasers set to kill the Enterprise for Star Trek Beyond

There won't be a shortage of big space opera franchises next year--the third Star Trek film with the rebooted cast is on it's way with Star Trek Beyond.

The franchise is taking a new direction after receiving mixed reviews from its predecessor, Star Trek Into Darkness. Justin Lin, the mind behind several of the Fast and Furious films has taken over the director's chair from J.J. Abrams. You'll notice the trailer is decidedly bereft of lens flares!

I know some folks aren't fans of the reboots. Personally, I loved the 2009 film, but was lukewarm to the follow-up. This one has something the others didn't though--a man on the inside. Simon Pegg (Scotty) was passionate about wanting the third film to succeed so he signed on as a writer! Pegg is famously a nerd himself (and a bigger fan of Trek than J.J. ever was) so this bodes well.

I think this looks like a solid entry into the series, highlighting a lot of the action the previous two films have become known for. The storyline is supposedly focusing in an all-new, boldly-going direction, which is what Trek--at its heart--is all about.

The studio believes so much in this next one that this summer it collared the cast for a fourth.My wife will be especially pleased to see the return of our own, two-person meme: "Karl Urban's Cranky Face."

One thing that did rub me the wrong way--things don't look good for the Enterprise herself. How many times are we going to that well?

Well, anyway--fingers tightly crossed for this one! Here's the trailer:

Star Trek Beyond opens July 22, 2016.

Friday, December 11, 2015

TRAILER: The end is nigh! First X-Men: Apocalypse preview is here!

The first trailer for the latest part of the rebooted X-men saga is upon us! Seems to give us a good idea of the mood and general storyline (run for your lives!). The cast looks to be the biggest since the X-Men: The Last Stand. Here's a look at the end of the world:

X-Men: Apocalypse opens on May 27, 2016--nearly 10 years to the day that Last Stand debuted.

UPDATE: Check out the new poster just released for the film:

Top image courtesy: Entertainment Weekly