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Our science officer has identified the first M-class planet capable of supporting life, just 20 light years off the port bow.
You know what they say--go boldly or go home!

Expiscor Eternus!

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Interstellar Inspiration: In a Far Out Galaxy!

Click to galact-a-size! (Some of them, anyway)

Dan Brererton's take on Fett via Distracted by Star Wars

Meco's most memorable hit looks more Buck Rogers than Luke Skywalker...

A new take on the Thrilla' in Manilla by OldRedJalopy.

Threepio, you sick bastard--what have you done?!

Funk-ified "Mystery of the Rebellious Robot" an oldie from '79 via Star Wars 77-80 a blog you should all be following!!

The rear "family portrait" from Marvel's Special Edition (tabloid size). For some reason their stern faces scared the crap out of me as a kid. Now I can't think of anything cooler!

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Sci-fi Film Fest at the Heights Theater

Step off Tom Cruise! The original Martians are here!

The venerable Heights Theater on the west side (MPLS), is hosting a slew of great sci-fi flicks (the original versions) in their Before CGI: Six Sci-Fi Classics series.

Run Dana, my fans are relentless!
If you're in the Twin Cities you can't beat the Heights for a better days-of-glory movie experience.

The series is run by, the same laudable and beloved movie minds behind my favorite indy theater, the Trylon, which some of you may recall screened an awesome series of Ray Harryhausen flicks just last spring. Unlike that series, I'm going to miss everyone of these because they're on Monday nights, which is the same as my night class **sobs/wailing**.

Tonight's show is a DOUBLE FEATURE of the War of the Worlds (1953) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). Invasion stars the recently passed Kevin McCarthy, so it's a fitting tribute that his best-known role gets such a swank screening.

The series includes:
I'm jealous of anyone who gets out to see these--and in a place that still sports chandeliers and a Wurlitzer that rises through the stage no less!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

FAR OUT FINDS: Psi Sled (Part 2)

This is the final part in a 2-part series on the Psi-Sled

How does it work?
A single pilot controls the psi-sled through brainwaves transmitted through the plasmatic energy field inside the cockpit. The field doesn’t appear to harm the pilot—at first—but can become charged and violent if the vehicle doesn’t seem to “want” her or him to perform a certain maneuver or defensive function.

Amulet of Aminora
The craft can be piloted with ease and without side effects if the pilot is wearing the Amulet of Aminora, a medallion made of the same burnished metal as the Psi-sled. A pilot need only think a command and the vehicle will respond. The amulet is circular with a pair of wings folded down over a turquoise “eye” and is covered with intricate alien glyphs on the back.

The amulet is the key to piloting the psi-sled without harm to the driver and also grants the user all of the following additional abilities and effects while in possession of the amulet.
  • Pilot encounters no mishaps or side effects when commanding craft
  • Pilot enjoys +2 bonus on psyche (or similar) rolls while wearing amulet
  • Pilot wearing amulet while inside craft becomes coated in a thin, slippery coat of metallic residue that superconducts mental commands, coating disappears completely when not occupying craft if wearer desires (see #1 below for properties of this residue when in present)
  • When occupied with pilot wearing amulet, the shifting iridescent colors of the craft’s outer skin coalesces into “tattoos” resembling ancient symbols and glyphs. The colors deepen as if to “solidify” on the skin of the sled and provides +2 protection as armor against all attacks (physical, psionic, etc.); residue becomes silvery if worn outside of craft and wearer retains +2 protection bonus
Following abilities are granted per class-level gained, selection is at GM's discretion or 1d6:
  1. If pilot and craft are separated, the wearer may call the sled to her/his present location
  2. With effort, wearer can remotely control sled when unoccupied
  3. True sight: wearer is less susceptible to illusions with +2 bonus
  4. Booming voice: wearer’s voice is amplified as a public address system when occupying craft when she/he intends to be heard, those hearing voice roll save on morale to keep from fleeing
  5. Force field: wearer can create a personal plasmatic force field up to 5 meters in diameter, sustained for 1d6 rounds, protection provides AC 14 + any intelligence bonuses the pilot may already have
  6. Sleeping sentinel: wearer can slip into suspended animation indefinitely, during this time HP is frozen at current number, all stats drop to zero, and PC is rendered both unplayable and uncommunicative (this includes astrally) until revived. Sleep protects wearer from harm and also from having amulet removed. Back compartment of the sled acts as a sarcophagus for sleeper. Can only be awoken with the blessing of a deity of Benu which must be gained by the pilot’s companions (assuming she/he still had any) or an outside benefactor
GM Notes:
This is a powerful item, but I’m hoping it will be fun for PCs to play with/incur wanton destruction.

  • Only one pilot may wear the amulet at a time
  • Amulet must be given, attempts to take it by force will result in a plasmatic blast (3d6 damage and save vs. stun/paralysis)
  • Amulet must be given tribute with a burnt offering before it will accept a new host
  • After 3 days of use, it's energy level will decrease be depleted. To recharge the vehicle, it must be parked over a ley line or over a water aquifer overnight and it will absorb the necessary psionic energy to run at full power. The fact that the psi-sled runs on pure psionic energies is not well known.
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Micronauts Pharaoid
  • Star Wars speeders
  • Plasma globe
  • The Phoenix (TV series)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

FAR OUT FINDS: Psi Sled (Part 1)

With all the recent Micronauts madness that's been let loose on Rients blog--and the love for them by many OSR folks in general--I thought it apropos to post this artifact that I've been working on for a while.   __________________________________________________

Ancient technology is unpredictable and therefore, dangerous. Experienced explorers should use caution when handling. Following are all known facts about the artifact in question, GMs should feel free to feed information to players on a need to know basis.

What is it?
An ancient curiosity discovered in the tombs of the great desert kings beneath the sandy blue salt flats of Benu.

What does it look like?
The sled features an elongated, sculpted trapezoidal shape, topped with a transparent canopy, appearing similar to clear glass to those outside craft. The craft appears to have fluted fins (“wings”) on the opposite end. The front slopes of the fuselage curve out and terminate into a long, flat base with flared edges, similar to skis.

The exterior skin appears to be a burnished brass-like metal, which can include blotches of color depending on lighting conditions giving a Mother of Pearl effect or similar to shifting iridescent hues in a pool of petroleum fuel. Coloring seems to shift through all parts of the spectrum—from sparkling golds and oranges, to shimmering pinks and violets, and even sometimes turquoises ringed with deep blues.

The one-person cockpit is a transparent sphere perched directly atop the front of the craft. From the outside, a single blocky seat can be seen and while piloted the sphere glows and crackles with pink/blue plasmatic energy. The streams of plasma don’t seem to directly injure the pilot while operating normally. There are no apparent controls visible.

The pilot enters the cockpit by tapping on the glass three or more times (basically tapping in rapid succession). The front of the craft develops “ridges” like stairs leading up to the piloting deck, while the transparent canopy becomes vaporous to allow the pilot entry. The sphere re-solidifies upon the pilot taking her/his seat.

What can it do?
The sled is a one-person vehicle that can travel at incredible speeds as it hovers up to a meter off of flat ground. Over rougher terrain, the vehicle can fly as any other hover-car or similar vehicle. It’s been known to disappear—that is to blink in and out of sight, which suggests some dimensional travel capabilities. It also appears to exhibit extremely high durability. Some might say nearly indestructible, but it’s rarely around long enough to test this hypothesis.

The vehicle has no obvious, external weaponry, but it does exhibit defensive capabilities:

A loud, throbbing hum that forces all living creatures in a 50 meter diameter to flee, unless they make a save or become incapacitated. All creatures are immediately forced outside this perimeter and make a second save roll to determine whether they put an additional 50 meters between them and the 50 foot perimeter. During this time all actions other than fleeing are prohibited.

Mind Milking
All targets within a 50 meter cone are sapped of brain waves for 2d6 rounds, resulting in a penalty of -4 on any type of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Psyche checks (or any other “mind” related checks) for that period. Any target suffering three or more of these attacks in a single day suffers a permanent -1 deduction from one of those scores (PC’s choice).

Plasmatic Blast
Once per day a powerful, plasmatic energy blast can be fired from the cockpit sphere. Damage is mainly concussive and electrical (3d6) with a range of 70 meters. Unknowing to pilot, she/he is immediately rendered unconscious for 1d6 rounds upon firing.

Speed and Movement
Psi-sled can accelerate to incredible speeds which haven’t been measured. For in-game purposes it travels anywhere from 0 up to 1,200 kilometers per hour, but can easily reach speeds around Mach 5 through Earth-like, high-altitude atmosphere.

The craft can rotate, pitch, yaw, and roll in all directions—basically behave like a UFO. The sled can maneuver with little effort and no inertial effects on the pilot are felt. How it’s able to accomplish this feat without serious injury falling to the pilot is unknown.

It’s undetermined if the sled possesses sentience—and thereby intelligence—of any kind. It does not speak, but it behaves erratically with most pilots, which suggests an “unwillingness” to be piloted.

What can it do to YOU?
The Psi-sled can prove as dangerous to its user as it does to anyone unlucky enough to square off against it. All pilots who enter the canopy suffer the following effects:

Side Effects
(1d8 for every turn pilot occupies cockpit):
  1. Pilot develops strong metallic taste in mouth, 1d4 rounds later hands up to elbows become coated in patchy metallic coating, become magnetized, neither the condition now the effects subside 
  2. Pilot suffers migraines outside of craft after more than 4 rounds piloting, prompting her/him to want to re-board immediately to alleviate pain
  3. Nervousness and -1 on Will checks (or similar) outside of craft after 4 or more rounds piloting
  4. Lack of appetite (no food consumed after piloting)
  5. Insomnia (no HP healed overnight after piloting)
  6. Pilot becomes delusional: roll save vs. Will or similar save; failure results in pilot believing he/she is godlike and forsakes all allies and goals in order to continue flying craft
  7. Blurry vision -2 to sight checks, outside of craft after 4 or more rounds piloting
  8. Slurred speech (negate all bluff, negotiation, or similar skills for 1d6 rounds)
Piloting Mishap
(1d8 on turns executing a piloting maneuver other than straight ahead):
  1. Loud, deep siren sounds, roll save vs. paralysis
  2. Erratic behavior: craft will either move in unintended direction (randomly rolled on 1d12/hands on a clock), makes wild turns, or shakes and shimmies uncontrollably
  3. Cockpit goes dark: a cloudy tint coats the glass, nothing can be seen or sensed outside cockpit
  4. Will not respond to commands during current round
  5. Powerful and intrusive psionic connection causes pilot to soil self
  6. Control sphere (where pilot sits) experiences a sudden backbuild in electro-magnetic energy, essentially shocking pilot with 2d6 damage
  7. Unintended acceleration/no brakes (pick one, they’re both bad and they both end with the craft stopping abruptly, turning cockpit glass to vapor, and letting occupant fly forward to his/her death
  8. Pilot suffers stroke; Failing constitution (or similar) check, pilot takes 3d6 damage

How does it work?
Stay tuned for Part 2 and the secret to mastering the psi-sled!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John Carter, Tars Tarkas, Dejah Thoris Figures!

Now before you go and get your tharkian thong in a twist, Tars' presale edition is already sold out. But I'm sure that's reason enough for the gang at Triad to whip up another Barsoomian bunch. Okay, you've been patient, here's the goods. Carter and Tars are under the "John Carter of Mars" license....
Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

Just try to take back my Heisman!

Oddly though, there's a separate "Princess of Mars" license. This one was revealed a while back, but in case you missed her, here's Dejah....
The original metal bikini is back!

These don't appear to be modeled after the actors from the upcoming film. I'd be interested to find out if they'll make new figs based off their likenesses. I'm not going to post prices because A.) that would ruin the awesome nerdbuzz you have going right now, and 2.) because I don't want to take away from the sickening sticker shock you'll soon feel. While I realize it's due to the fact that these are large, premium format figures, released in small quantities let me be the first to let out a gasp of defeat: *Sigh*

/rubs two Powerball tickets together

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daddy? Where does space junk come from?

Well Timmy....

Forgive the craptastic scanning job. I didn't want to bust the binding.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

FAR OUT FINDS: Hyper Harness

Hyper Harnesses come as a pair of "sleeves" that can be worn around the arms and torso by humanoid adventurers. The sleeves are connected through a network of optical conduits around the back and torso, which provide for instant reaction time to wearer's commands. Harnesses are powered through micron fusion cells which wear out about every 18 months, whether they are used or not. Many vests include hand and shoulder coverings, depending on their function. Straps allow the harnesses to be adjustable in size. There are many types, but the garments below represent the most coveted in the known universe.

For Sorcerous Space Wizards
  • Electro Vest – draw and/or charge particles in the atmosphere, store (capacitate) charges, and finally focus and release charges at targets
  • Gravity Girdle – “feel” gravity fields around all objects, increase or decrease fields, bend or accelerate electromagnetic energies, and crush mass through gravity implosion
  • Plasma Pauldrons – ignite particles to create plasma fields that can be shaped into force fields, fired at targets, blind enemies, and more

For Wild and Wiley Star Warriors
  • Juice Jacket – Punch with incredible power; hands, arms, shoulders completely protected from any damage or fatigue while swinging, lifting, and throwing
  • Fleet Sleeves – Max out dexterity/agility, moves so fast as to not be seen; fantastic speed ideal for filching valuables, defeating locks, keying in algorithmic passcodes, and, of course, hand-to-hand altercations
  • Cutting-edge Threads – Covered in tiny carbon-edged nano-saws, allowing wearer to literally bash through hard barriers (doors, walls, etc.) by way of flash sawing through the material at great speed and efficiency, as well as amputate attackers using defensive blocks, and easily escape bindings
While Hyper Harness technology is ancient, it is reliable. Little can be said for those who chance to try one on.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Series debuting Sunday: FAR-OUT FINDS!

With the release of the first 30 posts of Random Space Finds via PDF (see box at right), I thought it would be nice to flesh out some other items I've had on the back burner for a while.

I've been meaning to amp up the "Far Out-ness" of the blog's motto, and so I'm calling these new items "Far-Out Finds". One of the many things I learned while working on the space junk posts was that a few ideas seemed to necessitate (deserve?) some expanded description.

What are "Far-out Finds"?
The new series will focus on rare and unique artifacts that might be treasure or trap in nature (or both!). They may be found floating out in the black or hidden on some lost, lonely planet (hence the lack of "space" in the title). Whatever their nature, they're meant to provide a MacGuffin for your adventures.

I cheated a few weeks ago and gave you a sneak peak. While that post might appear more randomized, I can tell you that the items I've got in mind are more descriptive and may or may not come with stats.

I'm not great with statting, but when I do, I make them as generic as possible by using X-plorers and D&D specs when applicable. I try to keep it light so you can still imagine the hell out of it!

Fans of Random Space Finds shouldn't fret though, I'll still sprinkle in a few RSF posts. In any case, we'll get started tomorrow with the first in the series...

Expiscor Eternus!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Space Finds: The First 30 Posts now compiled!

Well kids it's been 30 some-odd posts of random space junk cluttering up your info scanners, and to make things easy--and to commemorate how long I've been frying my brain coming up with stuff--I thought I'd do a "collected works" for you to download (see the box at right).

My dream was to have a flashier version with some artwork and a nice layout, but that will have to wait until I can get some artists on board. I didn't want to wait to get it online so consider this version 1.0, the very much no-frills edition.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to let me know if you ever use them.

P.S. Congrats to ze bullete for guessing correct. ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Space Finds #30: Part 3 of 3

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10 or combine tables and roll 1d30)
  1. Portable fusion generator
  2. 88 solid rocket boosters with varying traces of fuel left
  3. Roll of Dermaguise™ alternate skin disguise kit for two 2 meter tall humanoids: speak the color and texture of desired skin (e.g., "blue scales") and wait 1 round for the roll to generate a brand new dermal layer you can pull off roll (like plastic wrap) and apply; skin will act as wearer's own for 2d6 rounds; helps to be nude before applying
  4. Growling pet carrier, not sure if the sounds are coming from what's inside or the cage itself
  5. Coaster pager, appears dormant, goes off 1 round after being discovered
  6. 450 meters of Christmas lights
  7. Tractor beam discus: when thrown against flat surface, emits beam to pull target in for docking/landing
  8. IXEA build-your-own spaceport flatpack, hex wrenches and directions missing
  9. Ninja mask!
  10. Pyramid of Probability (one of two known to exist): hand-held polished stone, alters outcomes of all rolls (1d4): 1-roll: 1d6 bonus modifier; 2-roll: 1d4 penalty modifier, 3-roll: 1d12 bonus modifier, 4-roll: 1d8 penalty modifier--the twin has the exact reverse bonuses/penalties

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Space Finds #30: Part 2 of 3

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10 or combine tables and roll 1d30)
  1. Dozen cases of 50 ampoules (1 oz. each) for scientific sampling
  2. High-gain signal scrambler, 100% effective at 10 kilometers
  3. Inflatable athletic shoes, hypercolor material, one size fits all
  4. 8,934,221,056, 994 sticky-backed, googly eyes linked through psionic tilaka (also a googly eye) that allows viewer to see all that they see in realtime, though everything is, well--googly
  5. Nasal face mask increases scent detection +1d4
  6. 220 square meters of cargo-hold netting 
  7. Sonic immobilizer: 3 meter range, targets without earplugs must make paralysis save and lose hearing for 1d8 rounds
  8. Pinball machine, operates without obvious power source, unbeatable, indestructible, possibly sentient
  9. Hoverbike sidecar, swivel-mount in fine condition, bike coupling blasted off
  10. 152,000 ton salt lick

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Space Finds #30: Part 1 of 3

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10 or combine tables and roll 1d30)
  1. 45 cans of photovoltaic spray paint, turns any surface into a solar battery
  2. Abandoned starship shaped like a giant cycloptic skull with 10 eye stalks, possibly sentient
  3. Galactapedia memory capsule kit, letters F,L, and V missing, each pill enhances memory +3 INT on any rolls on any topic encountered under that letter, side effect: consumer loses any surprise attack initiative because s/he cannot stop talking
  4. 800 watt space heater, knob broken off
  5. Springjack™ sabre: appears as un-bladed hilt, launches 1 meter samurai sword-like blade into fixed position when activated
  6. Dozen goo grenades, creates a sphere of spider-like web to catch prey, up to 5x5 meters
  7. One 16 oz. bottle of cleaning ammonia, pine scented
  8. 2 Atari® 2600 joysticks, -2 DEX or AGL if used as input for any device
  9.  3,333 tri-bladed windmills, individually mounted to small, evenly-spaced asteroids, and rotating in unison at the same speed
  10. Joy buzzer, adjustable ring size

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Space Finds #29

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10)
  1. Discarded arthropoid carapace, 250x100 meters 
  2. Starfighter nosecone sensor module with scans of this sector, heavy carbon scoring
  3. 500 song juke box, neon lights, retro styling, stuck on Earth, Wind, and Fire track
  4. Fire extinguisher, half spent
  5. Wall-mountable recharge unit for beam and ray weapons, time to full power charge: 2 rounds - pistols; 3 rounds - melee weapons; 4 rounds - rifles; 5 rounds - shoulder-mounted weaponry
  6. Can of SPAM® from 2065 A.D., likely has psychedelic properties if ingested
  7. Hoverbike: steering, cowling and body panels missing; engine and electrics in fair shape
  8. A near-solid ring of dumpsters filled with refuse, orbiting approximately 1 AU from star
  9. Bulldozer, front loader covered in thousands of tiny bite marks
  10. 30 or so assorted carbon-fiber reinforced arrows

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Space Finds #28

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10)
  1. Hydraulic cutter, 1 meter blade
  2. 1,407 suitcases filled with neckties of varying styles, personal tastes
  3. Malfunctioning hairstyling droid
  4. 300 meter section, single interior starship corridor, welded shut at both ends
  5. 4x4 mile wide stone slab of Zymian poetry
  6. Brunswick blackhole bowling ball bag, classic pinstripe styling 
  7. Two, 64 oz. canisters of Power-up Powder protein shake, increases strength +1d6 for of 1d6+1 rounds
  8. Point-to-point teleportation ring for one, range 100 meters
  9. Neuronal data port surgical kit
  10. 9,281 scraps of poor-to-fair quality hull plating, various sizes (none bigger than 5x5 meters)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Close Encounter of the Eiglophian Kind!

Back at the beginning of August Cyclopeatron had noticed that the enigmatic and inventive Eiglophian Press went silent. I wanted to let you know that Greg is doing fine and still gaming. I'd exchanged emails briefly with him he's on a "sabbatical from the Internet." (Man that makes me jealous!) He didn't indicate when or if he'd return but he hasn't left the gaming world.

In fact, he's working on a project with a couple of other DMs and seems to be chugging along. If you want to reach him you can email him at: greg D0T benedicto AT gmail. DOT com (use your decoder rings kids!). He's also available by snail mail if you seek him out.

Game on GB!

UPDATE: Bob over at Cyclopeatron has kindly provided downloads of the Eiglophian Press and Quantique blogs.

I've got ape fever!

Yes, it's true. I'm going ape. Ape for sci-fi apes that is. You know I was never into Planet of the Apes too much. I think when I watched the movies on TV as a kid I just thought they were ridiculous. I'd already been exposed to Chewbacca, and really, how can you be cooler than Chewy? (The dude flew on spaceship and had a big freakin' laser crossbow. No contest.).

Anywho, I saw these on ebay recently:
I think the double impatiens will look splendid over there.

...and had to have them. Unfortunately, I missed out and they went to someone else who has no idea how freakin' lucky he is. Because (and this is a pipe dream people, if there ever was one) I wanted to turn them into an army of these:
"Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"

That's right--MOSS APES! That dude is Moss Man from Masters of the Universe. Yeah, he's definitely not a "man". He's a plant ape. PLANT APE. Do you understand the importance of Plant Ape? It's just sitting there--ripe fodder for becoming an alien civilization. Barbarian plant apes, my friends. With laser rifles. Because everything is better with LASER RIFLES.

Better watch your ass Charlton Heston.

Bonus: consolation prize (you're welcome!)

P.S. I'm positive this is something Brutorz Bill has likely already thought of (and done better a thousand times over) but if I don't post it my gamer ADD won't let me move on. So there.

Random Space Finds #27

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10)
  1. Primitive space telescope from pre-warp civilization 
  2. Kineto-kick boots, +1 on kick attacks, +1d4 on roundhouse 
  3. Large office ficus, needs water
  4. Jumpgate technical manual, slightly charred
  5. TORQ-9 interrogation droid (half of one, anyway)
  6. Case of six jungle machetes, razor sharp
  7. Pair, knit three-toed socks
  8. 300 gallons, BwaARG's Long-haired Simioid Body Wash & Conditioner (for Primates, Wookies, and Mawgs with split-ends and tangles)
  9. Rientsian plumed helmet, flame decals, retractable eye laser (1d8+1 dmg)
  10. 738 passenger seats from a blasted starliner, some still occupied 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Far Out Finds: What's inside this unexploded photon torpedo? (1d20)

  1. Empty
  2. 150 golf-ball sized, mini probes
  3. A terraformation bomb
  4. Space vampire
  5. 32 cans of spoiled rations
  6. Spring-loaded blades (it's a trap!)
  7. Banned library books
  8. Ancient alien mummy
  9. Hangover gas and a nasty note
  10. Portable dimensional portal
  11. Fallen crew member
  12. Time capsule
  13. Stolen ale stock
  14. Alien parasite looking for host
  15. Space fungus
  16. Moon rock that glows in uv light
  17. Deep space scientific sensors
  18. Can't identify, but makes a ping sound
  19. Miss Milky Way 2420, in suspended animation
  20. Explosives, dummy!

    An apology post where I bribe readers with news and interwebs finds

    Greetings Exonauts!

    Your captain is still alive, if only somehow stranded on a savage planet, battling, well...the random, tragic banality of life. Most recently, my mother was quite ill and hospitalized. Fortunately, she's out of the woods now and I've diverted all power back to main thrusters.

    As a result of blasting out of the time-sucking vortex that included the previously mentioned, plus a convoy of visiting friends and relatives, and still adjusting to my new role at work--the blogs have gone hungry. Never fear, they will rebound soon.

    Please accept the following offerings as I adjust trajectory back to this sector....

    Exhibit A: Monster Island News has begun a lovely feature entitled 100 Greatest Monsters from Movies and Television. The first 10 are highlighted and include the 50 foot woman, Reptilicus, various kaiju, and my personal favorites from Night of the Lepus:'s like a wacky Monsters Manual waiting for stats (have at it!).

    Exhibit B:
    ...a wonderful space battle by Don Newton for a 70s sci-fi comic, found over a Fantasy Ink, a blog you should all be following.

    Exhibit C: Rad, new sci-fi webzine FLURB, filled with fiction by well-knowns and not-so's, as well as art.

    Exhibit D:  Trey's most excellent post over at From the Sorcerer's Skull on Dan Brereton, reminded me of one of my fav ever pieces of weird sci-fantasy art (yes, it's watermarked, it's from Mr. B's Deviant Art page):
      ...which reminds me I need to pick up some of the Nocturnals TPBs.

    More soon!