Sci-Fi Sites

Other Sci-fi Game Blogs and Sites

Cosmic Patrol (40s and 50s-style sci-fi RPG)
Grey Area Games (Original home of X-plorers RPG)
Home of the Lost Star Warriors (Marvel SW RPG blog
It's Full of Stars (great tumblr blog)
List of Sci-fi RPGs Wikipedia listing
Ninja Magic (slick-looking spaceship minis)
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Hulks & Horrors (Indiegogo crowdfunder for a dungeoncrawl in space RPG)
Space Gamer (old school sci-fi gamer 'zine)
Space Princess (Golden Age space opera RPG by Matt from Land of Nod blog)
Starship Combat News (space combat games and minis
Star Frontiers (old school)
Star Frontiersman (new and reformatted classic material)
Stars Without Number (spacefaring sci-fi RPG)
Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator On-Line Database & Archive
Rebel Role Players Alliance (Star Wars RPG group)
Rogue Space (pulpy interstellar sci-fi RPG)
Ultranomicon Wiki for Star Control II video game port Ur-Quan Masters
X-plorers Yahoo! group

Sci-fi News and Culture

Axiom's Edge (everything sci-fi!)
Barsoomia John Carter of Mars news and resources
Weird Warp (Astronomy news, insights, and more)
io9 (sci-fi news and culture
Kaiju Phile (giant Japanese monsters!)
Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle, WA
Space TV (Canadian sci-fi network) (Links to other Space Media Networks: Moon Daily, Mars Daily, Space War, Space Mart, etc.)

Cool Wikis

Colonial Chrome Deckplans for Star Wars spaceships
Wookiepedia (all things Star Wars
List of Sci-Fi Genres


Action Figures on (Reviews and commentary on a variety of toys by Philip Reed)
The Fwoosh (Lost of reviews and pictures of action figures)
Neo Classic Space Lego (incredible retro space designs!!)
The Outer Spacemen (Retro 60s toys & Colorforms characters)
Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation (Reviews, interviews, and pics)
Toy Ray Gun (TONS of Ray Guns!!)

Geeky Projects

Art Ships: (Scratch-built Spaceships!)
TK409 (Star Wars prop replicas)
Xscapesprops (Star Trek prop replicas)
Propnomicon (Cthulu and pulp action props
Tom Banwell, leather and resin projects
Ketzer (sci-fi movie props)
The RFP (Replica Prop Forum)
Sci-Fi Airshow
Starfleet Models (build your own starfleet!)
Tuvie (Futuristic Design)