Saturday, January 4, 2020

New Year's Day Tradition: Saving the Galaxy!

In what's become a bit of a tradition now around New Year's Day, the Geeklet and returned to Fantasy Flight Games in Roseville to play our homebrew Star Wars minis game which is part-skirmish, part capture the flag.

FFG provides many large tables to game at, as well as lots of interesting terrain to incorporate into your game. Each time we've gone, she's enjoyed setting up the battlefields and coming up with what our battle-story will be.

Though she'd recently been toying with playing the bad guys, she took up the Rebel cause, which left me the Imps.

She picked the main heroes from the OT, (Leia, Luke, Han, Chewie, Lando, etc.) plus a few flunkies.

Luke and Leia ventured out from opposite ends of the Rebel side and both encountered wild battle cats!

Luke was successful in using The Force to make it his ally--and thus, against the Stormies!

Much later, the Rebel ship, The Ghost, took out a few marauding baddie vehicles, including a TIE. It got into a shooting match with an Imp speeder, which left both a little worse for wear.

Using her own formidable Force powers, Leia tamed another wild battle cat and captured the Darkside base and won the game!

As a coda, the Geeklet insisted on a big lightsaber battle high atop an Imperial watchtower.

It was three-to-one. Not only was Vader  defeated, he turned back to the good side of The Force.