Thursday, October 29, 2015

TRAILER: No Man's Sky gets a drop date!

It's been quite some time since I purchased a video game--even longer since I bought a console (Wii Sports, anyone?). But No Man's Sky really has me considering a Playstation, because it is SPECTACULAR.

The release date is set for June 2016. Check out this latest trailer:

A rich and diverse universe to explore

And I'm not just talking the look of it--the developers are reviving procedural-based world building, but on a scale and breadth never-before attempted.The game has been in development for years (first posted about it here) while they've worked on the algorithm that creates each star system and planet. Approximately 10% of the planets will have life (which might seem low, but remember there's still plenty of worlds inhabited and being fought over by sentients!).

And there's a method to the program's genesis. Here's one of the developers giving a tour of how the NMS universe works:

Via IGN 

And another quick behind-the-scenes overview:

More visuals to whet your appetite!

Here's some incredible stills from actual game play (right click to enlarge):


I'm really digging the sleek and vaguely Z-95 look of the spaceships. Finally, here's a supercut of some previous trailers. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Psions and mysteries take over November Saturday Night Space Opera

Psst, hey kid! Here's your chance to preview a game we're hosting at the 2016 Con of the North. This is a super not-so-secret preview of an original adventure by gamemaster Jenifer Doll titled AMONG STARS AND WOULD-BE GODS! This one-shot mystery adventure uses the Monte Cook Games' new Cypher system (the same rules as Numenera and The Strange).

You’ve never seen the world outside the walls of the Project Psion Research Center. Its mission--to improve humanity--has dominated your entire life. You’re used to the automated nature of your world, but you haven’t seen the researchers in weeks and something feels very wrong. It’s been long enough now that you and your fellow subjects have no choice but to try and escape the facility.
6:00 pm / Saturday, November 7
Source Comics + Games
RSVP now so we know you're coming!
  • BYO Dice (d6, 2d10, and d20)
  • Character sheets will be provided
  • No prior experience with Cypher System is necessary

Monday, October 19, 2015




Opens December 18, 2015!!

Right click to enlarge all images.

UPDATE: io9 has a shot-by-shot breakdown of the trailer!

UPDATE 2: Geek news site ScreenSlam has woven together a mega "Franken-trailer" of all three trailers! Watch now: