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Yelling was often thought to be Major Migraine's weapon specialty.
Train to Become a Space Ranger!
The Rangers are a multi-class option includes several skills under one title--Galactic Law Enforcement--though through varying roll or bonus modifiers. Players may choose to generate a new Space Ranger PC from Level 1 or may choose to have their PCs join the Central Space Command (CSC) Space Ranger Academy form their current level or class. When joining, Referees may opt to use the standing Multi-Class optional rules found in the X-plorers basic rules to impose an XP cost.

NOTE: This post is part a series of Space Ranger class posts. It assumes familiarity with the X-plorers science fiction role-playing game rules, which can be found at Brave Halfling.

Charest's Spacegirl is an exceptional example.
Class Description
Space Rangers are highly skilled, expertly trained, and well-equipped marshals of justice who operate in outer space and non-terrestrial bodies. They are deputized by the local/ruling space authority to perform a wide range of duties including: law enforcement, investigation, search and reconnaissance, rescue and/or retrieval, a variety of high-risk, tactical missions, and more.

New Skill Matrices for Galactic Law Enforcement
Galactic Law Enforcement (GLE) encompasses several existing skills and adds knowledge on the understanding and interstellar laws, regulations, treaty compliance, local ordinances, and the like of the ruling galactic or planetary authority. Any agencies related to the enforcement of these laws are also included in this knowledge base. GLE covers the following skills (some existing, some new):
  • Piloting
  • Survival
  • Security
  • NEW: Interrogation - Interviewing subjects to retrieve information, may include intimidation, bluffing, but not torture 
  • NEW: Investigation - Deduction, detection, and search/tracking subjects.
Space Rangers also have full knowledge of the ruling galactic authority's government structure, function, and related protocols (no rolls are needed, the Referee can impart this info during gameplay when appropriate).

Skills Modifiers
If you recall from the X-plorers Player's Guide, modifiers are listed by the minimum number needed to roll in order to succeed at that task. These examples follow that format.


Rangers also benefit from the following level bonuses for combat skills (descriptions can be found in the X-plorer's Player's Guide):

LevelWeapons SpecializationMartial Arts
21 to hit+1d4
4+1 damage+1d4 +1
6+1 attack+1d6
8+2 damage+1d6 +1
10+2 attack+1d8

Open Skill Slot
In addition, Rangers may select from one of the following specializations, which all follow the Open Skill Slot modifier.
  • Astrobiology - Covers both plant and animal forms of alien physiology (replaces Science skill in X-plorers)
  • Beast Riding
  • - Planetary pack and mount animals
  • Computers*
  • Demolitions*
  • Mechanics*
  • Medicine*
  • Robotics*
  • Sleight of Hand*
  • Xenolinguistics - Alien cultures with a strong emphasis on language and communication (replaces Sociology skill in X-plorers)
*Skills descriptions covered in X-plorers Player's Guide

LevelOpen Skill Slot

"Run! I think he's adding more tables!"
Special Class Ability: Rally Bonus, A.K.A. “The Hail Martian”
The psychological profile of Space Rangers is typically self-determined individuals who would rather work independently or in a pinch give orders, rather than take them. Their tactical training and firmly, unflagging self-confidence, and belief that their appointed task is for the greater good, affords the Rangers an added benefit of personal integrity.

This unwillingness to be dominated or defeated grants Rangers an additional, once-per-game “rally” bonus that can be used to enhance a roll, save, or action for each member in the party. Rally bonuses are capped at level 12. Bonuses may be used for physical actions using the Presence, Physique or Agility (X-plorers) and Charisma, Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity (D&D) abilities. They do not apply for Intelligence or Wisdom rolls.

Class Level Rally Bonus
Bonuses can only be used for physical abilities (INT and/or WIS abilities are not eligible) for a single action or save situation. Level titles and bonuses are as follows:

LevelTitleRally Bonus
1Space Cadet+1d4
2Space Ranger+1d4 +1
3Space Ranger Specialist+1d4 +2
4Space Ranger Corporal+2d4
6Space Ranger Sergeant+1d6
6Space Ranger Lieutenant+1d6 +1
7Space Ranger Captain+1d6 +2
8Space Ranger Major+1d8
9Space Ranger Commander+1d8 +1
10Space Ranger Marshal+1d10

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Additional info/notes:
I'd written a previous post on additional skills and info for one method for incorporating skills specializations. See also the Sci-Fi Skills Conversion document at left for more skill options.

Hopefully the tables are readable. I just learned how to make them in Blogger! :)

UPDATE: I fixed background color on the tables and tweaked rally bonuses for lower level PCs.


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