Friday, January 13, 2012

Interstellar Inspiration: Space Rangers in Action (Part 4)

And now for your enjoyment and inspiration, a gallery of space rangers! Let's start with a few classic interpretations:
DC Comic's own Adam Strange...
And the original Space Ranger, Buck Rogers...
Here's one peeled from the likes of Fantasy Ink (one of my favorite art blogs). It's a Don Newton cover from Unknown Worlds of Sci-Fi. It's made the rounds, and for good reason:
A still from Robinson Crusoe on Mars
Now here's a good example of an outer space agent of the law: Sean Connery's Federal Marshal O'Niel from the movie Outland. I always preferred this one to the crappy "shotgun" poster which wasn't sci-fi enough for me:
BONUS: Needles over at Swords and Stitchery posted a gorgeous gallery last summer of comic wiz Jim Steranko's interpretation.
Valerian and Laureline take an EVA in an debris field in the French comic:
I think I've mentioned before about my love of Travis Charest's Spacegirl...
This is ol' fashioned video game arcade cabinet artwork:
Fantastic John Berkey painting:
Rangers on the run!
I believe this is a Pathfinder system illustration. Man would I love to see what kind of sci-fi they could whip up with their writers and artists....
As promised 1d30, here's Buzz Lightyear, a fine example of an armored Space Ranger. File these under "nontraditional interpretations"...
Finally, my favorite, recent space ranger incarnation, Heath Huston from Fear Agent (third one is fan art):
Click on images to enlarge.

This concludes the main posts for the Space Ranger Class series, though I wouldn't rule out future supplements. ;)

Now get out those dice and get rolling! 

The Space Ranger Class (Parts 1-4)
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  1. Wow great collection, that final Buzz Lightyear one was my favorite.

  2. Love them. Makes me want to play some serious old-school sci-fi game.