Saturday, April 24, 2010

Try new DynaQuark--hyperdrive fuel and soft drink!

Do some sub-light sodas leave you with nothing but fizz? Want to put a real POP! in your space cruiser's tank?

Then try filling your hyperdrive with DynaQuark™! It's light, refreshing, and doesn't have that inky, dark matter residue. And best of all--no nanoparticle aftertaste!

Get your thrusters firing lightyears ahead and try new DynaQuark™ today! Want to warp to Zeta Persei but without all the calories? Try DynaQuark Diet™!

Put the best ionized soft drink in your quantum injector!

Comes in 12, 24, 32 and new 64 ly bottles. Also available in lemon-lime, cherry, and mandarin orange!
Inspired by Mr. Fusion, Bass-o-matic, and a trip to the grocery store:

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  1. Now that's really just too funny! (A Hearty LOL!)