Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Space Finds #11

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10):
  1. Mens toiletry and manicure kit, fully stocked, also includes single glass eye (color of your choice)
  2. Hypergate jump point emitter, missing access panel cover
  3. Shish kabob skewer, 4 meters long, various victims charred, half-eaten
  4. Inertial dampening padding
  5. Nalumor ale, 64 oz. bottle of turquoise liquid, 3/4 full
  6. 290,614 screws of various sizes, all stripped
  7. Ejection seat, spent jettison canister, 8" hole blasted through seat back
  8. 50 credit gift certificate for Starr-Mart
  9. Cargo winch with tow line fully extended, carabiner missing
  10. Keyboard tie, plays real keyboard sounds

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