Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Space Finds: The Missing User's Manual!

Now that the first ten posts are out, here are a few ways to use Random Space Finds--as a random table! (1d10)
  1. Just as they are, roll the dice and make start making PING noises
  2. Turn a list into a scavenger hunt of items for some deranged space gangster or to win the hand of the Princess Estrella of Chandri, a galactically hot space babe
  3. Be really stingy with your players and only give them equipment they salvage in space--no stores, no lagrangian-point shopping malls--just junk!
  4. Yes, there are a few items hijacked from pop culture--tie-ins are fun, but re-writing canon is more fun!
  5. The first five lists have the following in common: something really big, evidence of human remains, something handheld, something related to food--some are obviously related, others can be made to be so
  6. There are many personal items, sometimes something simple is the best and easiest catalyst for drama
  7. Maybe the items were all recovered in the same system after a solar cataclysm
  8. Many items are sabotaged--either deliberately or by their nature; have fun letting players find out which ones
  9. If you look carefully enough there are enough pieces to make/repair Voltron
  10. I don't know, make some shit up 

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