Friday, April 2, 2010

Brave Halfling to Publish X-plorers Sci-Fi Retro Clone!

As creator David Bezio says "it's a done deal" Brave Halfling Publishing has exclusive rights to publish the X-plorers retro clone RPG! I'm so freakin' excited that I can hardly stand it!

I have so many hopes for this that I can't contain them. So John, if you're listening, here's my ultimate X-plorers wish list:
  • A bevy of modules and supplements (e.g., rules for creating vehicles, and I'd like to see the proposed psionic and vehicular combat rules part of an "official" release at some point too)
  • A BOX SET a la Swords & Wizardry (oh please!)
  • Option to buy separate box set booklets (again like S&W)
  • An MS Word version for house ruling (one of the best features of S&W, I think)
  • New sci-fi art by some beloved OSR artists; Peter Mullen did the cover (see above pic) for the 2nd printing--and it's fan-freakin-tastic!
Finally, sci-fi gets it's due in the OSR!

Check out BHP's announcement for more info.
Check out the X-plorer's Yahoo Group (linked at right)


  1. This is good news. I've been interested in checking this out and this may finally break the inertia and make me do it.

  2. Love love love the Mullen cover!

  3. Excellent!

    Jay, if I recall correctly, Bezio's Psionics rules from the X-Plorers Yahoo group will be included as part of this rerelease.

    Here's hoping this game starts to get some more attention.

  4. Andrew, now that you mention it, I think you're right. My wish is already granted!!!

    Seriously though I've been looking for some good vehicle development rules (I've not been satisfied with my own tinkering).

    I see that there are a few spaceship creation rules out there though...

  5. Agreed on the vehicle development, what I'd also love is a "just crunchy enough to keep things interesting" robot building system...

    I've been adding sort of arbitrary "components lists" to the robot NPCs and robot wrecks in my encounters in the hope that the technician in my games will harvest them for replacement or repair but theres really nothing concrete in it.

  6. I'll buy it for the cover and art alone (although the new psionics rules are appreciated). Very cool news.

  7. I already have it so I won't need a new version of a game I just bought, but it will be cool to see a commercial version made.

    (And I don't need vehicle rules since I made my own I am quite happy with. I may even get to use them for a retro sci fi campaign. Possibly.)

  8. Captain, I hear you, though it is an updated version. I'm holding out for a boxed set or booklet size myself. :)

  9. Just noticed this post. Been busy shipping WhiteBox Boxed Sets.

    I will have the time in late May to star working on X-P, but it will include a 48 page, saddle-stitched version for game store distribution and a digest boxed set.

    Did I mention it will also contain 1 a brand new back cover piece and 4 never seen before interior pieces from Pete Mullen too?

    I'll let folks help me put it together since I want to do it right, but it is going to take a few months.