Sunday, July 18, 2010

Far Out Finds: Utilty Belt

A utility belt has compartments in the following sizes and configurations:

Compartment Sizes (for reference)
  • Small (big enough to hold a roll of dental floss or two large marbles)
  • Medium (big enough to hold an X-acto knife or carton of cigarettes)
  • Large (big enough to hold a flare gun)

STEP 1: Compartment Combinations (1d8)
2 small = 1 medium
3.5 small = 1 large
Chart below is generous with sizing
  1. Six small
  2. Four small, one medium
  3. Three small, one large
  4. Two small, one medium, one large
  5. One small, three medium
  6. Two medium, one large 
  7. Three large (third must be in back)
  8. Select any 1-5 but one small compartment is missing 

STEP 2: Contents 1d20
Anything really, but below are some suggestions that you can select from or choose to roll randomly. Be sure to stock compartments with the correct sizes or you risk rolling on the Mishap Chart at bottom. Oh, and you can of course opt to keep as many pouches as you see fit empty until you need them in play.

  1. Matches
  2. Bionic eyeball
  3. Compass
  4. Multi-use tool
  5. Rare Earth magnet
  6. Two vials of liquid (poison, medicine stims, etc.)
  7. Votive candle
  8. Two smoke bombs (explode on contact)
  9. Sewing needle or eyeglass repair kit
  10. Dental floss
  11. Pencil sharpener
  12. Robot restraining bolt
  13. Lucky rabbit's foot
  14. Lighter
  15. USB drive
  16. Gas pellets
  17. Woodwind reeds
  18. Pocket lint
  19. Power crystal
  20. Flavor crystal gum or breath mints

  1. One grenade
  2. Two clips of ammo
  3. Bag of marbles or jacks (but not both)
  4. Nutri-ration bar
  5. Pack of cigarettes
  6. 35 meters of grapnel wire
  7. Hypodermic needle kit
  8. Lucky flask
  9. Pack of cards
  10. Infravision glasses
  11. Lockpick tools
  12. Mini ARC reactor (single-game use only)
  13. Rebreather mouthpiece
  14. Memory neurolizer
  15. Communicator
  16. Detonator with timer
  17. Discarded cellophane wrapper
  18. Two flat shuriken
  19. Small flashlight/torch
  20. Two roach motels/one D-CON rat bait

  1. Flare gun
  2. One-way grapnel
  3. Two-way zipline grapnel (back compartment only)
  4. Pair of tube socks
  5. Two mini-boomerangs
  6. Medium flashlight/torch
  7. Sub sandwich
  8. Diving goggles
  9. Universal remote
  10. Single brick of plastique
  11. Data pad with port cable (.3 meter cable)
  12. Surgical tools
  13. Universal translator
  14. DNA sampling kit
  15. Holy relic or totem
  16. Belt hoops for two 12 cm stakes
  17. 80 meters of grapnel cabling
  18. Single adult diaper
  19. Neuro-wetwire skull cap
  20. Pair of boot crampons

Select appropriate situation and roll for mishap on 1d4.

Too many undersized objects in an oversized compartment
  1. cannot free objects for this round (too full or object is "stuck at the bottom" of a large compartment)
  2. opening causes overstuffed objects to tumble to ground, lose initiative this round
  3. same as 2 but enemies roll to see if you are detected
  4. same as 2 and 3 but objects cause tear in compartment making it useless

Oversized object(s) in compartment
  1. object tears whole in bottom immediately, rendering compartment useless
  2. opening causes oversized objects to tumble to ground, lose initiative this round
  3. same as 2 but enemies roll to see if you are detected
  4. same as 2 and 3 but objects cause tear in compartment making it useless
 Comingled objects in compartment
  1. wrong object selected, improvise or miss turn
  2. wrong object selected, miss turn, improvise not allowed
  3. correct object selected, drop second object of GM's choice
  4. correct object selected, take no penalty



  1. Awesome. I love this series of posts and the utility belt will come in handy for a Supers game that I'm planning.

  2. Thanks Risus! I'd love to hear how this works for you in your campaign. Feel free to post here again or drop me a line (email at upper right).

    BTW, I updated the sizing chart, a large should be about the same size as 3.5 smalls. I tried to shy away from actual measurements instead focusing on objects, I hope it will be enough to give the idea of what can fit inside rather than exact dimensions (snore!).