Friday, July 30, 2010

A few sci-fi links for inspiration (or diversion)

Here's a few fun little items I've stumbled upon in the past week.

This morning I learned that Triceratops doesn't exist--or better put--never did. While doing "research" I discovered this impressive shrine to Dino Riders! Seriously, what's not to love here? We should all be so lucky to have a therapod with thermo-beam eye sockets. But like all things in life, it just takes a little moola to make things happen.

Secondly, I've been enjoying this blog Beam Me Up which has some great posts about space news, science fiction, and more. They have a podcast channel now, but I've not had opportunity to listen.

Finally, a quick note about a book that I began paging through up on a whim last winter at a book store in Minneapolis called "Boilerplate History's Mechanical Marvel".
The book is written as a historical nonfiction account of our first robot citizen--who you of course all remember--that fought in the Spanish American War along side Teddy Roosevelt (and had many other adventures). It's a WONDERFUL idea, deftly executed and imbued with incredible"photos" and paintings. It's a true labor of love and a real gem for lovers of both robots and those Time-Life style of books that sadly seem to have gone the way of the triceratops.

My wife was so amused by the idea, and my drooling over the pages, that she bought it for me. Well, J.J. Abrams must have had a similar experience because he's now making a movie about the lovable automaton.

Though technically this wasn't Boilerplate's first affair with the silver screen. If I get the chance, I'll upload some images of my copy this weekend.

Until then, Expiscor Eternus!


  1. I first saw Boilerplate on a website - book sounds fun.

  2. The Boilerplate authors had a booth and Comic-Con. They've some great stuff in addition to the main book.

  3. Ah man, that Boilerplate looks great! Added to my book list. Thanks!