Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Space Finds #21 (Time Tunnel Edition, 1d10)

Lost curiosities from a bygone age, cavorting clumsily in the aether:
  1. Pedal and propeller-driven, flying bicycle built for two, handlebar-mounting bells for each rider
  2. A half-dozen (1d4) 1) tins of barrel-chest inducing boiled sausage and potato mash for +1 vigorous constitution; 2) jars of delectable anise marmalade for infravision in pitch-dark predicaments; 3) packages of ginger biscuits for pleasing disagreeable alien-types +1d6 success; 4) flasks of Haskell's Heartening Moonwater (space gin) for +1d6 HP replenished
  3. A hand-crank, radiologic oscilloscope with telescoping triangulation node and leather-bound grip
  4. Two samples of Dr. Velmondt Von Veight's Vigorous Vials of De-frightenment, An Ammonium Carbonate Cure and Remedy for Those Overcome by Sudden Astonishment of Otherworldly Bewilderments", one whiff is an instant saving-throw victory against stun, fear, or fault by insanity! 
  5. Indestructible pith helmet, former proprietor still occupying (note: only wearer's cranial case is rendered unsmirchable when donned)
  6. Personal diary containing maps, diagrams, notes, and incredulous claims about a "hidden world" beneath the geologic outer crust--also includes a smattering of guttural phrases in a tongue known as "Accala"
  7. Cavoritic aethysphere, gravity deflecting panels still operational, bar fully stocked
  8. One asbestos petticoat, +2 protection vs. all attacks by heat and flame
  9. 2.5 ounce tin of Commodore Pennington's Mustachioed Gentleman's Wax
  10. Handkerchief, hand-stitched initials: HGW, laden with a map made of lip-smacked kisses that can only be seen by moonlight (any olde moon will do)

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