Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Prometheus! Let's stat this baby up* X-plorers style:

  • Make: Weyland Corporation
  • Ship Class:
  • Type: Frigate (Exploration vessel)
  • Crew: 9 (hypersleep beds, 1 android charge station)
  • Hull Points: 20
  • No. Weapons: none, but if you wanted to add some...
  • Weapons Damage: Four particle beam emitters, 1d6+2 each, with extra gunners they can fire independently
  • AC: 10
  • NPC Skill**: 15/13/11+ (drop to 14/12/10+ if android is on board)
  • XP Value: 140 unarmed; 240 armed
  • Cost (in millions): 65cr unarmed; 100 armed and fully stocked
  • Nuclear Powered Ion Plasma Engines (translation: sublight only) spend 2 million cr and upgrade to hyperdrive; they are swivel mounted though for +1d4 maneuverability
  • Intergalactic Long Range Communication Antennae (Intergalactic? Let's say range: 5 lightyears) 
  • Ejectable lifeboat module: (sorry dude, only holds 8!)
  • Medical bay: four medbay beds with diagnostic sensors, portable triage and surgery packs, biomed scope, 4 canisters to hold extra-terrestrial specimens (very breakable, it turns out...)
  • Multiple cargo bays: Four holds with total capacity of 6 metric tons (6.6 tons)
  • Suit bay: One dozen exo-atmosphere suits for planetary or vaccuum excursions, bubble helmets tend to get stuck if you try to remove in a hurry :)
  • Vehicle bay: Carries one B.A.D.G.E.R class moon wagon; two, 2-person ATVs
  • Armory: 10 laser pistols (2d6/range 50); 10 pulse rifles (4d6+1/range 100), 4 dozen plasma grenades (5d6/range 15), 6 hover sensors for laser-mapping environments
  • And a (giggle) FIREPROOF WINDSCREEN! (+1 vs. fire in an oxygen atmosphere!)
  • More photos, including an uncropped version of above
  • Want more?
EDIT: Based on this article, you can up the crew capacity w/suits to 20 (including 1 android) but just make sure there are fewer seats of the lifeboat than total crew, ya know....just to make things interesting.
*According to the photo and some embellishment on my part.

**Straight from the rulebook: This is a typical Skill Throw for all crew at basic, experienced, and advanced levels. This can be adjusted by the referee for more or less skilled crew as desired.

P.S. Did you know that Las Vegas coulda' built a FULL SIZE Enterprise hotel back in the '90s? But they totally chickened out.

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