Monday, April 9, 2012

Life and stuff...

Gah, so I missed Thark Thursday--my bad--but I have an excuse! We're in the process of moving to our new (and first!) home. We close at the end of the month and we're extremely excited. For the last 8 years we've been living in a charming but often too-small apartment. In the new place I'll finally get all my books, games, and geek swag into one area. Plus, there's a workbench (!) in the basement which will end up as a mad science lab for all sorts of geeky experiments!

Anywho, with the move just weeks away we've been packing like crazy to get things ready and so blogging and other nerdly pursuits have been moved to the back burner. But never fear space cadets--things will be up and in full swing by middle of May. Until then, blogging will likely be sparse, but I'll try and pop in when time allows.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!


  1. Thanks Matt! We're looking forward to the joys of home ownership! And I mean that only half sarcastically. ;)