Friday, April 13, 2012

Prometheus deck plans and interior shots!

Go figure. Just ONE DAY after I did a write-up in an attempt to pin some stats to the Prometheus, and they go and release BLUEPRINTS!

When it rains it pours, I guess. The awesome part? They're practically game ready maps and handouts!

So here ya go, feast your eyes on the pics, most of which were first released on (click to enlarge)...


Crew Lounge

Vickers Personal Quarters/Lifeboat

Medical/Science Lab

Med Pod/Surgical Robot


Excursion Suit Room

Single Occupant Escape Pods

Hangar Bay

Prometheus swivels thrusters down into landing gear...
The filmmakers have also released a great image of the heavy ground vehicle carried by Prometheus, called the RT01 Transport. So it looks like I'll have to do stats that are more accurate for that. Heck, I'll have to re-do stats for the ship too!

Cool stuff!

UPDATE: Added a few new images of the lounge and hangar bay.


  1. Seriously, does this thing say 'Run Me' or what?

  2. If this is their way of building hype, mission accomplished.

  3. YES, on all three counts gentlemen. Also, I'm now convinced that ship is the coolest thing since the Millennium Falcon. That swinging engine design totally ramps up the cool factor.

  4. Unfortunately I don't at the moment. I've been trying to figure that out myself. I'm hoping some more detailed specs show up online soon!

  5. One place to start might be the vehicle bay (the big half-circle room in the back). The second deck-plan image says five of those RT rovers are aboard--I'm just guessing, but they look to be about 5 or 6 meters long. (??)

    Like I said, it's a guess...