Friday, April 13, 2012

John Carter Breaks Even

Better than breaking even--the film has taken in about $263,903,533 worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. You'll recall the budget was estimated at $250 million.

While I can't imagine this guarantees a sequel, it's nice to know that at least it made it's money back.

I'm hoping to see it in theaters one more time (second run probably) before it ventures off to the Blu-ray presses.


  1. You forgot about the buck-fifty they spent advertising it.

  2. This movie deserved better box office results and reviews.

  3. I think the movie was purposely tanked in the USA
    Recall that overseas profits are NOT shared with investors . . .
    the investors paid into an American product and saw NO return (Disney uses that money to make capital investments; studio in Utah, CGI tech, cars, hookers, etc..)
    alas there is no American profit
    sorry investors ... you get nothing
    overseas profits are sheltered from highest corporate tax rates in the world (USA) and go to shadow accounts
    there will be a sequel