Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Galactic Outfitters Sale! B.A.D.G.E.R Class Moon Wagon

The Badger Class Moon Wagon is a new vehicle for X-plorers RPG  
Image: Syd Mead

No planetary excursion would be complete with a little all-terrain action! Enter the Badass All-terrain Defense Geologic Exploration and Reconnaissance vehicle (a.k.a., BADGER) Class 970 series Moon Wagon by Star Prairie DriveSystems based off of a tried-and-true model from the good ol' 21st Century!

This baby is in a league of her own--combining the rugged durability of a classic and the high-performance standards you've come to expect from the Amalgamated Consumer Mercantile Exchange Company. The BADGER sports four independent, G-type wheel servos allowing for maximum traction to mount any terrain that gets in your way. The BADGER is designed to roam over all types terra-firma, including rocky (above ground or subterranean), slick mud, fast sand or ice, thick swamp and marsh, and can even be fitted to tackle a number of aquatic environs.

And who can resist that beautifully vintage BADGER look? Have a look at her specs:
  • Wheelbase: 1.75 meters (approx.) not necessary to know on-mission, but cool nonetheless!
  • Move: 20 over flat ground, slower over rocky terrain, no penalty over slick surfaces (retractable crampons!)
  • Armor type (AC): 16, upgradable to 20 with a -2 Move penalty per AC added
  • Onboard communications/sensor array: 4d10 x 100 meters
  • Standard defensive lasers: two, forward facing 3d6+3
 Other Standard Features
  • Airlock!
  • Doorlocks!
  • Personel armory storage! (gun rack)
  • Adjustable seating (up to 6) with seat warmers!
  • Climate control!
  • Power steering!
  • Mini rover storage! (two slots for the 1-meter long little fella's!)
  • Enviro-mission suit storage lockers (4) with room for helmet, rebreaters, and footwear!
  • 3 extra heavy-duty batteries for special missions!
  • And we'll even throw in a coupla' chamois and some BADGER Wax™ because you're ROBBING US BLIND!!
And if you act now we'll throw in a custom kit of your choice at a discounted price! It's almost a shame to let this lady go un-accessorized--especially where you're going! Take a gander at some of our upgrade options:

Enhanced Sensor Upgrade (double your directional range with this fancy do-dad! We'll throw in the mountable swivel for FREE!)

Primary Defensive Upgrade (turret-mounted MASER; melts targets up to 50 meters away with 4d8+2 dmg)

Cargo Hauler Upgrade (with powered, swivel coupling) hauls up to 12 metric tons EASY (move penalty -1 per ton)
Aquatic Mission Upgrade (one free with every purchase!)

For details and delivery options contact Corky Starbuckle at Amalgamated's Planetary Motor Division. Special pricing up to 3d10% discount on last year's and earlier models!

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