Monday, February 13, 2012

Space 1999 Getting a Reboot: 2099

Man, I must be slipping, I just heard about this--the classic sci-fi TV series Space 1999 is getting a reboot by the same outfit that revised "V". io9 has a Q&A interview with one of the producers, here's an excerpt:
What fun aspect of the original show are you most excited to feature in Space: 2099?
The near future plausibility of it all. Space: 1999 presented a very near future societal depiction where a moonbase had been established, and the show worked to successfully convince us that it was a reasonable vision to have given where the world was in the 70s. In a similar but much more emphasized vein, one of the key elements in our depiction will be as much plausibility as possible. Since we are dealing with a future timeframe of only around 80 years, there will still be plenty of familiar things around – however evolved they happen to be. It is this kind of projected iteration and future evolution that can be fun to depict as well as very thought-provoking. We consciously understand that a future projection must be comprehensive and not just focus on technology. Corporations, governments, social issues and day to day concerns all must be considered. No one was worried about their Facebook wall activity 80 years ago! My, how things change! It is exciting to imagine the various extrapolations from now until 2099.
It also looks like, judging by the poster, that the Eagle ships are making a comeback! Here's hoping there's a toy line in--oh, I don't know--1:72 scale?

Read the rest on io9.


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