Friday, June 10, 2011

X-plorers Box Set is Go for Pre-Order!

Just look at that beautiful black and white box set cover!
X-plorers, the retro, science-fiction RPG crafted by Dave Bezio has been given the royal treatment--a box set! I believe that this is the first sci-fi game in the OSR family to have that distinction. John Adams at Brave Halfling has put together a really beautiful package. You can order now, but there's a limited number.

Here's the box contents from the head space cadet himself:
  • 6″ x 9″ Game Box (This is an actual game box manufactured for just this purpose and both the top and the bottom are tight-wrapped) hand numbered from 1-200 by the head halfling himself!
  • 2 Rule Booklets (Player’s Guide and Referee’s Guide)
  • Cleopatra Station Free Adventure
  • 3 six-sided and 1 twenty-sided dice
  • 2 Ship Deck plans of the Serrona Class Scout and the Mastodon Class Freighter
I'm proud to say that I helped with this latest version. For those that don't know X-plorers, it's not a direct "retro-clone" per se. Dave created it as a "What-if-the-first-roleplaying-game-was-based-in-sci-fi-not-fantasy" experiment. The result is a great game engine that's  rules-light with tons of homebrew fun potential. It includes a modest setting that can be easily fine-tuned, dropped, swapped, for whatever flavor of speculative fiction you prefer.

And there's more for X-plorers in the pipeline, including additional adventure modules later this year. I'm working on some material of my own for it as well.

I hope you'll give this one a shot. This edition is a labor of love by several of us, including Bill DeFranza and has been officially "blessed" by Bezio himself. It features some fantastic new artwork and improved format (three books makes it easier to use at the game table) that I think serves the game well. The spaceship plans are also new for this set.

Here's to some truly far-out, star-hopping adventure!

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