Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Table: Hyperspace Mishaps! 1d20

You're flying full-tilt through the black, starlines whiz past your gaze and then you hear the horrible, gut-wrenching sound of the hyperdrive crying out and then suddenly silent. Roll 1d10:

  1. Normal space becomes impenetrable: You can't seem to exit hyperspace, it's almost as if there's a hard wall on the other side. You're stuck in hyperspace for 1d10 rounds.
  2. Evasive manuvers! An unexpected gravity well appears on the scope. You drop out of hyperspace and take two for flinching.
  3. Hopscotch it is! Your ship skips like a stone each time you try to drop out of hyperspace, sending you flying further past your destination.
  4. Rift! A tangent wormhole suddenly appears like a trap door in your current corridor, dropping you in any random place AND time in the continuum. Hope it's not Nazi dinosaurs (good luck!)
  5. Hyperjacked! Pirates show up and are boarding your vessel--prepare to repel all borders!
  6. Wheel of Fortune: Nav computer caught a nasty virus at that last port of call. Roll 1d12 (think hands on a clock) to determine your new course. Effect continues every turn you're in hyperspace until fixed.
  7. Look Out! Some object (e.g., asteroid, derelict ship, giant thumbtack, etc.) is tumbling towards you at full speed. You've got one shot to dodge on 1d10... 1: P0WNED! You never liked those PCs anyway; 2-3: CRASH! Roll damage on percentile (if it's 100 take off 5%); oh and you're now floating unpowered in hyperspace, 4-8: BAM! Roll damage as in 2-3 and drop out of hyperspace; 9-10 DODGED! You owe the GM a root beer.
  8. Hyperslide: Have all the PCs number off (like in gym class) then roll a die that's closest to that number. The loser just got sucked into a person-sized vortex somewhere/time. PC isn't playable until others fnd him. As a consolation, give the chosen player an unequipped, android "beta" version of him/herself to play until rescued, but all stats are -3 from their usual.
  9. Low fuel light: There's not enough gas to get you to wherever you're going (told ya you shoulda' stopped!). Roll percentile to see how much you've lost. Recalc the navacomputer and drop out of warp when the tank reaches 0%.
  10. Hyper-hiccups: You leap ahead to your destination immediately, but when you get there you're 100% out of fuel.
  11. Picked up a tail: Sensors indicated an unidentified ship is following you. Attempts to hail, evade, hide are unsuccessful.
  12. Dinner bell: An enormous cosmic kaiju has found you in hyperspace and plans to make you it's next meal. Fight it off while you can--it grows bigger in once it hits normalspace.
  13. Hyperspace viaduct collapses: See what happens when the ruling space authority doesn't keep up on inspection? You're stranded in a collapsed part of the timespace fabric. Escape and rescue by normal means is impossible--you're going to have to Spock/Data your way out of this one.
  14. Space sickness: Everytime you fire up the drive, everybody aboard gets a terrible migraine and fever. Roll vs. puking your guts out until the problem is discovered.
  15. "I TOLD you not to flood the engine dude."
  16. Sagan shrugs: It's broken and you can't go to warp. No reason really, but you're stuck in the middle of nowhere until it gets fixed. 
  17. Hyperspace vamps! Psionic sub-space creatures are draining your crew's lifeforce. Roll a Will, Presence, or related save. If you try to drop out of hyperspace they'll just come along for the ride.
  18. Quicksand! Or whatever the hyperspace equivalent is. Your ship begins to sink into timespace fabric, slowly being crushed. -5% hull integrity per round. -10% if you try to drop out of warp. 
  19. Silly straw: As you approach your destination you're sucked into a loop-de-loop around it, unable to break free.
  20. Spillway: Upon departing h-space you're unexpectedly shot out into a massive debris field, where apparently this corridor has been dumping space junk.(Roll to see what's out there).
  21. Welcome to the Mirrorverse! As soon as you jumped, your ship exited hyperspace and found itself in a parallel universe where you all wear mustaches, carry cutlasses, and play with nihilistic intentions. ;)


  1. Oh, yeah. I'm digging on this chart.

  2. I always wanted to run an adventure where something goes horribly wrong with your warp-drive and you end up in a 40k horror adventure in an alternate dimension.

  3. 15 is my favorite, but 20 comes a close second!

  4. I love this table & need to inflict this on my players! Awesome stuff!