Saturday, June 4, 2011

On my way to Gamma Terra!

Got my dice and my rulebook, ready to go! The Gamma World Mega Event starts today over at Source Comics and Games with a character generation kick-off. I'm REALLY looking forward to playing this summer. I've had exactly one chance at playing Gamma World so far so it will be great to get in some regular gaming. I'll post a recap here on Exonauts and on Gamma World War. If I get to play in an ongoing campaign, I'll post regular updates over at GWW.

In other news, I did some tidying of the pages and resources on this blog so it should be much easier to find stuff. A quick rundown:
  • X-Plorers - this was up already, but in case you hadn't looked there for a while, all the X-Plorers related stuff I'll be working on can be found quickly through here. Plus links to outside resources.
  • Exoplanets - here's some links mixed in with a long list of stuff that now has it's own page. Plus links to any related posts here an on Threads of Adventure.
  • Comics - another one that had it's own page for a while, but now more links and resources are listed, plus a general re-sorting.
  • Other RPG Worlds - these great campaign-specific blogs (all homebrew!) have been on Exonauts for a while, usually on the sidebar. Previously listed as "Tameless Worlds". If you've got a suggestion for more, let me know. I prefer to list them according the name of the planet/world. :)
  • Other Sci-Fi Resources - as you might imagine this is everything else, though I took some time to re-sort.
Many of these are pages aren't yet alpha-sorted, but I hope to get to that eventually.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend in their corner of the blogosphere.

Expiscor Eternus!


  1. That's weird; I was just there a hour or so ago. If i'd known you'd be there, I would have said "Howdy!"

  2. @Steve, aw man--so close! Yeah it was chaos for a while. I think there were other events going on. Here's hoping our paths cross!