Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Less than 3 Days Left to Help Kickstart Technoir: Expandable, Moody Sci-fi RPG

THIS is cool. "THIS" being Technoir, a "high-tech hard-boiled" science fiction RPG by Twin Cities RPG designer Jeremy Keller. Technoir is on Kickstarter at the moment, and you should go check it out. From the author:
Technoir is an RPG in which you play characters entrenched in the criminal underground of the near-future. These protagonists use illicit skills and high-tech gear to exploit opportunities in the hopes of escaping their desperate lives. It's the shady stories of hardboiled crime novels of yesterday set in the dystopian sci-fi cities of tomorrow.
One of great things about the game is that Keller is planning on rolling out "transmissions" which are like missions/adventures. the game has already surpassed funding goals and as an added bonus to backers on Kickstarter he's offering additional themes to tweak the setting to your taste. Check out the beta version on the Technoir official site.

I'd suggested SpinnerNoir--basically Technoir set in a Syd Mead/Blade Runner setting. Go vote for the suggested settings on his latest Kickstarter post.

Less Than 3 Days Left
If you're inclined to give Technoir a go, you've got a little less than 3 days to become a backer and support this phenomenal project. I'm a backer and I'm already thinking of upping by support level. It's great to see this kind of homebrew creativity right in my hometown!


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