Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Sci-Fi character type do you usually play?

I'm doing a little anecdotal research and thought I'd do a quick poll. Go ahead and cast a vote and if your vote requires explanation, please comment on this post. Include any notes (maybe it's a combo of two or why you like playing that character).

I'll post the results after the holiday weekend.

Thanks for participating!


  1. Trying to find space warrior equivalent...

  2. My "other' vote is for Space Vixen - think Barbarella.

  3. I usually play either a Jedi/Psion or an "other", and I tend to play as a Mutant, a Robot/Cyborg, or an alien.

    The "other" is if it's something like Shadowrun, where my two main character profiles look like this:

    Adept Darla Whitaker:

    A medium-height Wasp* shaman, she has a cyberdeck and eye replacements. She wears a long blue-and-gold coat, a black-and-yellow shirt, and torn jeans.

    *Wasp totem: +1 to tracking and combat spells, -1 to manipulative and defense spells.

    Professor Daniel Halmaker:

    A tall Hermetic Mage, he has muscle replacement and hand razors in his right arm, which gives him an unfortunate resemblance to Freddy Kruger crossed with Wolverine. He wears a long dark blue coat over a grey-and-blue suit, both of which have had the right arm removed from them. He also wears a monocle and a hat covered in starts and moons. He is the professor of Thaumaturgic Anthropology at MIT.

    (In other words, Cyborg Mages, and some of the others are probably going to be Mutant Cyborg Mages)

  4. In space-based sci-fi I've played mostly Northwest Smith/Han Solo-esque characters, but I've also played military types (in Star Trek) and a Man with no Name type bounty hunter in Star Wars.

  5. I picked alien, the weirder the better. Dralasites in particular are a fave of mine. Although given the choice I'll pick a Decker type.

    In my X-Plorer games The warrior is by and far the most popular class, but it may just be because the X-P warrior is awesome.

  6. I've never gotten to play a pure sci-fi game. That said, when I do superheroes or pulp, I almost always play a scientist-type.