Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Finds in Space #6: By the Numbers

Floating flotsam and jetsam, tumbling slowly in the void (1d10):
  1. 0-gravity strength training kit
  2. 50s diner menu, nav coordinates printed on back
  3. 3D chess set
  4. 7 bolts of radiation-retardant fabric, heavy gauge, various colors/styles
  5. 12 kilo bag of Step Fresh kitty litter
  6. 4 dozen long stem roses in capsule, still fresh with FTD tracking number tag
  7. 3, meter-long tubes of navigation charts, notations included (writing is alien)
  8. 2000 liter drum, barbecue sauce
  9. 4 pairs BluBlocker sunglasses (+1 for all vision checks in daylight)
  10. 42 super bouncy balls in a plastic jar, cover not as tight as you assumed


    1. I'd hate to see the creature that used 2000 gal of bar-b-que sauce!