Tuesday, March 2, 2010

System neutral? Need suggestions...

So I've got a ton of posts on deck that I want to flesh out, (e.g., gadgets, enemies, etc.) but I'm still wading through rulesets. I'd like to start posting stuff without having to get into the crunchy bits of stat blocks that will essentially need to be converted anyway. I guess, I'd rather there was as little as possible at this point--allowing anyone who wants to yoink an idea can do so and incorporate with ease. So my question is: is there a good template out there for system neutral? Is narrative enough? How much crunch is too much--or not enough?

Ideas? Thoughts? I'd appreciate any suggestions in the comments.



  1. Wait, are you sayin' I should use D&D stats? 0E?

  2. Shoot, I meant to say X-plorers but yes, use some old-school variety of D&D stats!