Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Intersteller Inspiration: Ginormous Foes!

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  1. Ah the Giant Monster or Gargantuan Robot. Few things are as awesome to imagine or for a PC to behold as a 100 ft scaly skinned, fire breathing engine of destruction.

    I am a big Kaiju (Japanese for Giant Monster) fan and have used them many times, from my D&D giants and dragons* to playing Mekton campaigns where giant robots battle giant monsters on a daily basis.

    Love your blog man. I think you'd fit in real well at my table.

    *D&D giants are 10-25 ft tall. That's not giant. Its very big. They have frost very bigs and fire very bigs but not giants. My giants reach down and pick you up in their hands. You fall into their footprints.

    Likewise my dragons range from being the size of a German Shepherd to being able to eat a D&D Ancient Red Dragon. We're talking Godzilla big.

  2. Thanks Barking! I'd be honored to sit at your table and trade blaster fire!

    I agree, baddies need to be BIGGER! There's a Goodman Games module that had a giant 3-headed dragon that looked suspiciously like Godzilla's old buddy Ghidorah. I think that might be fun conversion.

  3. I love any place that we can name drop King Ghidorah with impunity.

    Frikkin' love those giant robots and space monsters. Those pieces just rock. Great scans. Thanks!

  4. Thanks idestroyedmybrush, I'd like to think I can flap hurricane wind with my arms with the best of them!

    I should clarify that most of that art is 'found' on the net. When possible, I try and name the files with the artist's names, but on old posters like this it's not always possible.

    Love you blog, btw--some great stuff both by you and some of the artists you highlight. And I'm all about biting commentary! Keep up the great work!