Friday, February 19, 2010

Reminders and Remainders....

  1. Don't forget to vote for your favorite sci-fi system in the poll (at right). I'm still mulling over a ruleset to use for my own setting. Poll ends Monday, February 22. Oh, and you can change your vote up until then. I'll post results on Tuesday.
  2. Keep a look out for the next Random Space Finds this Sunday. That's a regular feature I'd like to do on Sundays. I expect one day I'll get around to putting them into context. Until then, grab a d10 and roll for space junk!
  3. Also, I'm in the process of working on a lot of setting material throughout 2010. 
 Lots to look forward too!


  1. The vote is hard for me. Though I loved the setting of Star Frontiers, the vote is for the system and I just cannot ignore the simple elegance of the West End D6 system. I've done everythign with that system.

  2. I'm with Eli. I love Traveller, both game and setting, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for the kind of Sci-Fi/Space Adventure you're looking at. For my money your best bet is either WEG D6 or Starblazer Adventures.