Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TRAILER: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions

Netflix brings us what Cartoon Network refused--the well-deserved ending to the Clone Wars TV series. It's both sad and satisfying to say that the series was more successful in its storytelling than the three prequels that preceded it.

Fans can look forward to getting closure and seeing the dots connected, starting March 7.


  1. Looking good! Can't wait! This show makes up for the Prequels!

    Well, almost.

  2. I head been hearing about this, and I can't wait! =D

    The series had a rough start, but they really came through, story and character wise. They are doing a great job tying the prequels to the original trilogy, and they are handling the characters better then their movie counter-parts. Hell, Anakin is a lot more tolerable in CW then in the movies -- Ahsoka really balance-out his huge ego.

    I'm also looking forwards to the new series called Star Wars Rebels. The one with the misfit crew of the Ghost. I hear they have some of the people from the Clone Wars series working on it. I can't wait! =D