Sunday, February 16, 2014

Classes for Rad Astra and more

Here's a recap of some, like, totally bitchin' classes for Rad Astra campaign setting for X-plorers that you can totally try out in your next scifi game! They're easily adaptable to most other scifi games. More are in the works.

  • Starbuckler - Swashbuckling, space hero type (rogue/smuggler/pirate etc.) 
  • Astrosassin - Agents of interstellar espionage, like Barbarella, Mara Jade, James Bond via Moonraker, and any number of ninjas, etc.
  • Starbarian - Interplanetary muscle, think He-Man, St. Examin, Thundarr, Zandor and family from Herculoids

Other classes:

Space Ranger (Long arm of galactic law: Buck Rogers, Buzz Lightyear, etc.)

Starship Gunner - Great shot kid, but don't get cocky! (Still mulling this one over a bit)

Stay tuned for more!

STARBUCKLER, ASTROSASSIN, and STARBARIAN are copyright  2013 and 2014. I've permission from X-plorers publisher, Brave Halfling to use the game's rules and stats and intend to publish a supplement, using the class names and descriptions above. The same goes for the descriptions for the Space Ranger and Starship Gunner classes. You may use them in your games, but may not use them for profit.


  1. Are you planning on putting any of this stuff in a nifty PDF so a game master can have it all together in one place?

  2. Indeed I am! I'd hoped to get some art too, but may have to settle for text only just to get it out.