Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FULL TRAILER: Guardians of the Galaxy is full of wonderful insanity

I seriously need this movie in a meaningful way.

When traveling in space, this is my drivers license picture:


  1. That's pretty badass.


  2. Likely to be one of the most entertaining of the comic movies to date.

  3. In the future....
    Everything will be poorly lit.

    Seriously, how does hollywood NOT know that dark trailers only mean I have to see my ugly reflection in the computer screen? It IS why I live in a cave.

  4. Great stuff!!!

    First comic book based trailer I've seen that left me smiling at the end. Hope the film lives up to it and that the Farscape/Firefly(Serenity) fans remember who was first...

    And for some comment in the press...