Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why I won't be "pruning" inactive blogs

Over the last week, I've seen several posts by bloggers (OSR and others) talking about Google's plans to shut down Google Reader. (Note: I'd blogged about this earlier too.) I'm at a loss though to understand why some blogs are scrubbing "dormant" or deleted blogs from their feeds. What counts as dormant exactly? No new posts for a few weeks? A month? A year? I have some that I only post to every few months--but they're still online.

First, let's not get off on the wrong foot--I get that there's the need for housekeeping. I have a few blogs that were reclaimed by spammers, and I've deleted those. I've also let go of some that I just didn't find my cup of tea.

Many blogs have only intermittent activity (a few times a year) but they still might have great ideas and inspiration. I'll never fully understand why people delete their blogs either. I'm sure there might be issues they contend with (e.g., if they find themselves in trouble for posting something). But deleting is even worse than jumping ship from a rarely-active blog. I recall one fantastic blogger that did a great job with converting between systems and incorporating pop culture material. He was great with stats! (Something I envy, since I suck at it.) One day it was just gone--the entire blog, erased.

Secondly: Grognardia.

James Maliszewski may no longer be blogging (his site's been silent since December of last year) but certainly there is a rich cache of posts on the history of the hobby, creative output, and other worthwhile information about RPGs. Seriously though, deleting Grognardia from your rolls? Seems a bit drastic.

Yes, I realize that Grognardia probably ranks among the few blogs that people won't forget about, but there may be other authors that return some time in the future. It's still worth preserving links to important sites that propelled or inspired the rest of us. Maybe making a page for dormant blogs--off the main list?  

I'm not saying my own blogs are anything special. While it's tough to maintain a steady output, I still have plans for them. I'm certain time to write and read will be even harder to come by once the kiddo arrives (hell, I hardly have time now as it is!). But I don't plan on abandoning them. Some may take different forms, but I prefer to at least keep them "on". 

I suppose it doesn't matter really, to each her or his own when it comes to publishing blogs and organizing their reading. But I'll be transferring everything--and that's hundreds of blogs--and (thankfully) they don't all post every day or even every week.

I've gotten good and skimming for posts that pique my interests...and finding the gems.

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  1. I used to move defunct/deleted blogs to a separate "Valhalla of the blogs" page on my own blog but it got too cumbersome to keep up with and then a bunch of blogs got 'squatted' on by link farmers so I had to take them off. I agree that just because a blog no longer has new posts is no reason to cull it if it had worthwhile old posts!