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Detriax: Goddess of Space Junk and Derelict Hope!

Detriax in her current form.
Name: DETRIAX: Goddess of Space Junk and Derelict Hope
An angular, vampiric-looking skull
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 50*
Armor Class: Undetermined**
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 100 (10HD)
Attacks: Special (see below)
Damage: Special (see below)
Morale: Undetermined
Hoard Class: Undetermined
XP: Undetermined

*Detriax only appears in the vacuum of space. Treat her movement as you would a space vessel's.
**Hadn't figured these out by the time the deadline passed (see note at bottom).

DETRIAX is a cosmic being that causes ships passing near her to fall derelict by way of cosmic mishap (1d6):
  • 1-2: Engine failure - all stop
  • 3-4: Siren song - all PCs roll WIS or PRE save, any failure succumbs to mind control for 1d6 rounds, whereby she compels servant to sabotage ship
  • 5: Shields lowered or weapons malfunction during a hostile encounter
  • 6: Sensor readings indicate allies are foes so as to initiate combat
She sends her minions to collect the remains of the lost, the lonely, and the defeated. All space debris she encounters is scanned, stored in her immense memory, and then processed as fuel. Power sources are affixed to her own energy supply and suckled until they expire.

Detriax will subsist on natural sources, but she relishes anything made by sentient life forms--thriving on their psionically imbued presence. She's a collector of information and material forms. Her hunger is unrelenting.

She also likes to instigate a battle whenever possible, in hopes that the resulting conflict will cause precious detritus to spill into the spaceways.

Size and Appearance: At present time, Detriax is approximately the size of the Martian moon Deimos. She appears as a head, without body, demonic, metallic, and angry. Fanged, with vacant eyes that belie only her internal engines of cosmic energy, she is a horror to behold. 

Gravitational Grasp: Detriax calls many an interstellar sailor to her "bay" --a gravitational well that she's able to manipulate, like the unseen tentacles of seaborne kraken. She can consume any matter, though larger--denser meals (asteroids, brown dwarf stars, etc.) take time. This can be a boon for those unlucky enough to fall in her grasp--making good on her distraction.

Song of Detriax: All those who encounter her must roll a save vs. fear or be driven mad with despair. All those who fail are fated to soil themselves as they are compelled to steer their ships toward her through a sort of psionic intimidation/torture. Only those who pray for mercy and strike her bargain for clemency (see below) will survive. They must first, convince her they have something worthwhile to trade. The song is effective for only 1d4 rounds, but by then she's sent her minions to either eliminate or permanently enslave her prey using cybernetic implants.

Swallow Whole: Detriax can swallow entire starships and most space-based platforms and outposts with a single gulp. Her internal furnace digests all. But not before she consumes all knowledge about her prey using her...

Penance Scan:  Through an onslaught of sensor scans, Detriax is able to "consume all data" of her prey, recording every physical aspect, biologic metric, and even psionic imprint to her main neurocore. She considers this interrogation necessary to fulfilling her purpose for finding and killing the marauders who wronged her mortal master (see below) and thereby no one has ever evaded her probe. In a turn of terrible fortune, the channel is often opened two ways--analogous to a feedback loop--and the victims will experience a wave of data overload that could render them insane if they aren't able to make a save vs. psychic calamity (a catastrophic attack on their sanity). Those that fail become her minions, their only hope of being restored is a complete brain work up at a local starbase with advanced medical and psychological services.


Scrap Bots: Detriax commands a variety of hastily-birthed junk robots from her scrapyards. These miniature bots are rarely more than a meter tall, but they are Host in number. They belch all manner of electronic blurps and bleeps as they peel apart lost ships and space stations with cruel efficiency, using all manner of gruesome tools attached their forelimbs.

All scrap bots have poor vision with a -1 to hit unless they are less than 1 meter away from their target. They move, however, with increased speed(Move 6) and Agility (15).

Limb tool/weapon (1d20)
Damage in parentheses. Roll first limb, select the second (without repeating). Appear in swarms of 1d20+2 or more (keep this table handy and just number them with two different limbs as listed). They appear in a variety of shapes and functions, from spiderlings with two of the appendages being tools/weapons, to twisted goblin-esque/humanoid forms. In every group of 20, one individual will have a third limb protruding from its chest, the rest will each have two in the normal configuration.
  1. Saw (buzz or chain) (1d8 cutting)
  2. Hydraulic spike (1d8 puncturing, 6 inches deep)
  3. Electromagnet (Damages unshielded computer systems or captures metal)
  4. Gas grenade (1d6+1 rounds)
  5. Laser torch (2d6, single beam lasts for 1d4 rounds)
  6. Bio-syringe (sedative for 1d6+1 rounds or poison doing 2d6 damage)
  7. Pincer claw (1d4+1 puncture/crushing)
  8. Spiked masher (1d6+1)
  9. Sonic grenade (renders hearing targets incapacitated for 1d4 rounds, range 20 meters)
  10. Harpoon gun (50 meter line, 1d6 damage in addition to capture)
  11. Corkscrew drill (1d8+1)
  12. Ionizing fork (3d6, 1 shot only - overloads electrical systems or stuns for 1d6 rounds, touch only)
  13. Humanoid hand (grasping/crushing, 1d8)
  14. Bolo cable (fires unattached cable, meant to immobilize target)
  15. Corrosive acid (3d6, 1 shot, range: 10 meters)
  16. Liquid nitrogen capsule (1 capsules, freezes on impact, 5d6 unless thawed in med pod)
  17. Carbon filament-tipped can opener (2d6+2; takes 1 round to open human-sized doorway)
  18. Morning star mace (2d6, crushing)
  19. Meat hook (1d6)
  20. Flamethrower (2d6+2, range 5 meters)
Note: Enslaved organic minions (i.e., humanoids,) will have two limbs added to their shoulders, on top of their natural ones. Select using the above weapons chart. They will also have tactical sensors (infrared) and a battery pack installed. Humanoids are faster than normal humans (Move 6) and gain a +2 in Agility. Robotic minions are reprogrammed to be her slaves an are given just one extra limb from the above table.

Space Hornets
Detriax is also known to control hives of  garbage-truck-sized space hornets through some sort of parasitic nanobody. The hornets work for their queen, who in turn, is a puppet of Detriax's own incredible greed and avarice. Space hornets build vast hexanest arrays out of whatever space junk--or enemies--they find. Insectoid races seem to suit her ends well, for they often amass armies of workers and her terrific ruthlessness of purpose has made her an attractive deity for them. She will often enlsave a nearby nest and use it up (without replenishment) until the supply of hornets expires, leaving the empty husk of the hive itself to be consumed.

Space Fleet
Detriax also has amassed a personal armada of derelict ships with barebones systems (propulsion, weapons, and operated by remote communication, but no onboard life support). They are stripped down skeletal forms with minimal armor that function basically as large drones. The ships launch from her mouth if she determines a threat to her personal safety. Approximately 2d10 ships are ready to launch at any given time.

Ancient Origins
In the beginning...
It's said that Detriax was once a vizier to a great space sultan, providing consul and strategy by way of her cosmic magic. When her highness' daughter was kidnapped by marauders he threw Detriax out an airlock as punishment for failing to foresee the tragedy--but her magic preserved her spirit long enough for her to accumulate a secondary form out of floating debris. Swearing to do right by her former master, she began to salvage whatever flotsam and jetsam drew near her.

Her physical form grew--as did her hunger and avarice. In time, she went mad in her search for the princess, never realizing that centuries had passed and the lost princess an her sultan father are now long dead. In her ravings, Detriax wavers between calm tones and an electronic squelch (little more than gibberish). She sees all who pass into her grasp are would-be conspirators against her beloved sultan, and therefore are considered hostile.  

Serving Detriax
Praying to Detriax will gain her favor only if something material is given up. To be spared from her judgement, the prey must fall under her service. It's not unheard of for Detriax to barter for information with her victims. She may let them go if she sees reason enough for them to continue as long as she's gaining important intelligence herself. She will reject any claim that the sultan is dead though--so penitent victims should avoid such falsehoods while she's taking audience.

All recorded encounters with Detriax--those with survivors--include reports that the victims were prostrate when deals were made. Impertinence of any kind will result in subjugation. Her goal is to continue building herself larger and more powerful through her space finds, in her quest to seek revenge on her long lost sultan.

Inspiration: Sinistar, Ghost Rider, Unicron, Space Witch from Voltron, V'Ger, The Borg, Unicron from Transformers, Vera from Superman 3. PRE is an attribute in X-plorers RPG setting, assume it's analagous to WIS (Wisdom) in D&D rules.

NOTE: This entry was what I intended to submit to the Petty Gods project as both a god entry and her minions.


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