Friday, October 14, 2011

Expendables: where are the space hirelings? 1d30

So older versions of D&D have hirelings--hired labor/meatshield minions who are the first line of fodder in any exploration or combat scenario. But what are the sci-fi equivelents? Red shirts, are surely at the top of that list. But it got me thinking, a few possibilities about some sci-fi versions of these para-PCs. Here's my d30 "chump chart":

"Put Johnson down and get back to work you lazy tribble-biters!"

  1. Men-at-blaster-arms
  2. Force screen operators
  3. Pack beast wranglers
  4. Computer bank switch expert
  5. Load-lifter pilot
  6. Ray rifle carrier (doesn't actually get to shoot it though)
  7. Jefferiesweeps (guys with circular brooms who clean the jefferies tubes on starships)
  8. Short order food replicator chef
  9. Hoversled / moon buggy driver
  10. Robot assembler
  11. Sliding door repairman
  12. Guys who pull bodies off the battlefield
  13. Bulkhead repair crew
  14. Boarding party welcoming committee
  15. Teleporter repair guinea pig
  16. Droid cleaner / enslaver
  17. Sensor-corder knob turner
  18. Jump gate / super laser lever puller
  19. Zookatube rear-fueling technician
  20. iPad holding cruise bureaucrat
  21. All-purpose space-grease monkey
  22. Space janitor
  23. Scanning crew guy
  24. Xenolinguistics intern
  25. Space caddy
  26. Laser sword inspector (other end, genius!)
  27. Medical assistant
  28. Door greeter
  29. Galaxy's "most feared" bail bondsman
  30. Anyone in engineering

Here's a list of gear for your laser fodder, give each crew member just one item. This is d30 as well, but this way you can roll the item and work-up your crew in reverse.

  1. Sonic drill
  2. Big magnet on a little crane
  3. Laser or sonic rifle
  4. Hoversled
  5. Macroscope
    "Dad's home! I hear the garage door!"
  6. Atomic reactor service pack (full radiation suit, radiation badge, multitool, graphing calculator)
  7. Starfighter service pack (hydrospanner, plasma torch, face shield, cigar) 
  8. Robot service pack (hydrospanner, oil can, data card, restriction bolt)
  9. Rocket boots
  10. Force screen groundstake emitter
  11. Sensor-corder
  12. Circular space broom
  13. Blasting caps
  14. Mop bucket
  15. Dyson Vacuum of Space, Space Vacuum™
  16. Medical wand
  17. Hypo-stim packs (set of 2)
  18. Portable energizer
  19. Tripod with screw-on top
  20. Hyperdrive fuel can
  21. Load-lifter
  22. Malfunctioning translator
  23. Meal trays
  24. Case of dueling ray pistols
  25. Inflatable moon tent
  26. Radar dish helmet
  27. Beast saddle
  28. Tranquilizers
  29. Clipboard
  30. Coffin

Anything else that should be on the list?


  1. Hireling Sanity Chart Roll 1d10
    1. The Hireling is suffering from flashbacks. Still good but may freeze up for 1d4 rounds.
    2. Slightly Postal -Don't sneak up on the hireling
    3. Completely rational - until he gets a weapon
    4. Slightly fried - Stares off into the distance until the fighting starts & the watch out!
    5. Perfectly normal
    6. Slightly abnormal- He's slightly off but still pretty good in a fight. Talks to himself though
    7. Liquid Courage- Needs a slight bracing before combat but normal until things get really bad
    8. Hair trigger - Might go off at any little thing but good in a fire fight
    9. Normal
    10. For I Have Looked Into The Outer Darkness - I'm a monster!

  2. Excellent Needles! THAT is what I am talking about.